What is 2-Phenyl-2-propyl benzodithioate?

Feb 20,2020

2-Phenyl-2-propylbenzodithioate is an important organic intermediate to synthetize reversible addition fragmentation chain transfer (RAFT) polymers. RAFT polymerization has along with other equally important living free radical techniques revolutionized free radical polymerization, as it allows for the generation of complex macromolecular architectures such as comb, star, and block copolymers with narrow polydispersities. RAFT polymerization is increasingly finding applications for generating novel structures and materials in bioengineering and nanotechnology applications.

Li et al. reported [1] its application on the synthesis of block copolymers with activated ester and protected aldehyde side chains. Step-wise and selective functionalization with amine and aminooxy compounds was found to be a new strategy which will be useful for systematic variation of structural and compositional parameters necessary to access desirable material properties of block copolymers. 2-Phenyl-2-propylbenzodithioate provide a convenient way to generate multifunctional block copolymers for applications in drug delivery, gene therapy, combinatorial materials chemistry, and nanotechnology.

Mao et al. reported [2] its application on the synthesis of rod-coil block copolymers. Well-defined OEGMA-b-TDASMA diblock copolymers were obtained. The novel rod-coil block copolymers contain rigid polyampholyte segments. The chain rigidity has a dramatic effect on the electrostatic interactions between polyelectrolytes. The PIC aggregates formed from these rod-coil block copolymers were found to be responsive to pH changes and added salt. The unique solution properties of the rigid polyampholytes are induced by the like-charge attractions imparted by the rigid chains.

Convertine et al. also reported [3] its application on the synthesis of block copolymers of 2- and 4-vinylpyridine. The polymerizations can be conducted in the absence of organic solvents up to high conversion while still maintaining control. This is the first successful RAFT polymerizations of 2VP and 4VP under bulk conditions employing cumyl dithiobenzoate as the CTA. In addition, 2-phenyl-2-propylbenzodithioate is a novel RAFT agent for the efficient preparation of polymers with low polydispersity and controlled molecular weight.



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