What is Tin(II) methanesulfonate?

Jan 6,2020

Fig 1. Chemical structure formula and three-dimensional structure of Tin(II) methanesulfonate

Tin(II) methanesulfonate is used in electroplating industry. Tin methanesulfonate is an aqueous solution used in the metal surface treatment. Mainly as a replacement for Tin sulfate where high speed deposits are needed (reel-to-reel)[1,2].

Tin(II) methanesulfonate is an important organic tin compounds, widely used in organic synthesis and tin plating process, such as electroplating, tin as a primary process and the additive salts of tin, as an alternative to fluoborate tin plating process of the primary salt. Synthesis of Tin(II) methanesulfonate, tin metal has methyl and sulfonic acid, but slow and tin methanesulfonate direct reaction, to accelerate the reaction rate, a solid-liquid two-phase state is required for the reaction at reflux methyl sulfonic acid, at a temperature up to 140°C, high energy consumption, and low purity of the resulting product, to obtain the crude product of Tin(II) methanesulfonate, washed with ethanol subject, sulfo ether to give methyl stannous product. To improve the speed of two-phase reaction, there is method using stannous chloride, stannous chloride and methyl sulfonic acid enable 110-13 (TC direct reaction, cooled, crystallized, filtered and washed to give crystals Tin(II) methanesulfonate . coexistence Tin(II) methanesulfonate hydrochloride obtained from the reaction of this method, will lead to excessive chloride ion, and difficult to remove, it is not appropriate to be applied to plating; if too many washing times, and make the product easily oxidized, impact product appearance and performance.

Electroplating is a process for applying a metallic coating on a metal surface by electrodeposition from a suitable electrolyte solution for imparting corrosion resistance and direct production of printed circuit boards without etching out of a piece of copper sheet. The object to be plated is connected as the cathode in the electrolyte solution and then passing electric current is passed through the anode which causes the ions to be deposited to the material. Methanesulfonic acid is used as the acid electrolyte in the electroplating because many metals which are not soluble in mineral or organic acids are soluble, particularly tin and lead plating. Stannic sludge formation is rare as methanesulfonic acid is a non-oxidizing acid.

The invention relates to a method for directly preparing Tin(II) methanesulfonate through electrolytic method, which is characterized in that the electrolytic method is adopted to directly obtain the Tin(II) methanesulfonate water solution, wherein, at least the positive electrode of the electrolysis negative electrode, positive electrode is the solid tin, the positive electrode and the negative electrode are separated through an ion exchange membrane, the electrolyte is the methylsulfonic acid water solution. Compared with the chemical synthesis, the preparation method provided by the invention has simple process, and the reaction is easy to control, the reaction speed is fast, the production period is short; compared with the stannous chloride method, the impurity content of the obtained product is less, the further separation and purification are not required, the post-processing is simple; through controlling the concentration of the electrolyte and the solid purity, the Tin(II) methanesulfonate water solution of required purity, concentration can be directly obtained at one step.


[1] Kok Kee Yang, et al. Diffusion Coefficient of Tin(II) Methanesulfonate in Ionic Liquid and Methane Sulfonic Acid (MSA) Solvent.Metall. Mater. Trans. B.,2011,42(6), 1274-1279.
[2] Algirdas Vaškelis, et al. Silver nanostructured catalyst for modification of dielectrics surface.Electrochim. Acta.,2005,50(23), 4586-4591.

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