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Organic reagents

From early AD to mid-19 century, people mainly use the natural organic substance (such as animal and plant extracts) for qualitative analysis or quantitative analysis. From the second half of the 19th century to the 1920s, it had begun to appear of artificially synthetic organic reagent such as using potassium acetate xanthan for test of nickel, copper, and molybdenum; using morin for test of aluminum; using diazo coupling reaction for the detection of Nitrite; using α-β-nitroso naphthol for detection of cobalt; using dimethyglyoxime for nickel test. After the proposal of the special-effects group in the 1930s and the proposal of theoretical analysis of functional groups theory in 1950s, people had carried out large-scale screen of organic reagents in search of special-effects analysis groups for different ions and had successfully synthesized a lot of agents of practical value (such as copper reagents, new copper agent, cadmium reagents, beryllium reagent, thorium reagents, etc.). Before the 1950s, the complex compound, in analytic chemistry, is mainly used in the aspects of the precipitation reaction of a binary chelate for the qualitative detection, precipitate isolation and gravimetric separation and other aspects. In the early 1950s and 1960, it is mainly in the form of complexometric titration. From the beginning of the late 1960s, the main focus has been moved to the photometric analysis. Meanwhile, it has been also developed of chelate organic solvent extraction.

Synthesis of Benzothiophene

Benzothiophene is constituted by fusion of the benzene ring with the thiophene ring. There are two possible methods of fusion of the benzene ring with two different sites, namely 2,3- or [b] and 3,4-

Jan 27,2022  Organic reagents

Synthesis of Tetrahydrothiophene

Tetrahydrothiophene is a five-membered, fully saturated, sulfur heterocycle comprised of four sp3-hybridized carbon atoms and a sulfur atom. It is also known as thiolane or thiophane. The bond angle C

Jan 27,2022  Organic reagents

Synthesis of Dibenzofuran

Dibenzofuran is a tricyclic heterocyclic compound with a 14π electron ring system comprised of two benzene rings fused with 2,3- and 4,5-positions of the furan ring. The chemistry of dibenzofuran has

Jan 26,2022  Organic reagents

Applications of Benzo[c]Furans

Benzo[c]furan, also known as isobenzofuran, is a planar unique class of o-quinonoidal bicyclic monooxygen heterocycles with a 10π electron ring system in which the benzene ring is annulated at 3,4-pos

Jan 25,2022  Organic reagents

Applications and Reactivity of Benzo[b]furan

Benzo[b]furan is used in the manufacture of coumarone-indene resin. It has been used to make floor tiles and other products.

Jan 25,2022  Organic reagents

Synthesis and Uses of Benzo[b]furan

Benzo[b]furan is one of the most important heterocyclic ring systems, generated by fusion of benzene with 2,3-positions of the furan ring. The resulting bicyclic ring system is heteroaromatic with a 1

Jan 25,2022  Organic reagents

Chemical Reactivity of Tetrahydrofuran

Tetrahydrofuran(THF) is a colorless, volatile, flammable, pleasant-smelling liquid with low viscosity and a bp of 64°C. It is one of the most polar cyclic ethers. THF should not be distilled to dryne

Jan 25,2022  Organic reagents

Synthesis and Applications of THF

Tetrahydrofuran(THF)is a nonplanar compound existing in various conformations. It is also known as oxolane and is present in numerous natural products as a substructure of biological importance. It is

Jan 25,2022  Organic reagents

Toxicity of Cyclohexane

Cyclohexane is obtained by the distillation of petroleum or by hydrogenation of benzene. It constitutes 0.5–1.0% of petroleum.

Jan 13,2022  Organic reagents

Health Hazard of Diethanolamine

Diethanolamine contains a secondary amine and two alcohol groups. It is a viscous liquid with a freezing point of 28 oC. It is mainly used for gas sweetening and in the manufacture of light-duty deter

Jan 7,2022  Organic reagents
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