What is Triethyl phosphate?

Sep 6,2021

Triethyl phosphate is a chemical compound with the formula (C2H5)3PO4 or OP(OEt)3. It is a colorless liquid. It is the triester of ethanol and phosphoric acid and can be called "phosphoric acid, triethyl ester".



Triethyl phosphate was studied for the first time by French chemist Jean Louis Lassaigne in the early 19th century.


Its primary uses are as an industrial catalyst (in acetic anhydride synthesis), a polymer resin modifier, and a plasticizer (e.g. for unsaturated polyesters). In smaller scale it is used as a solvent for e.g. cellulose acetate, flame retardant, an intermediate for pesticides and other chemicals, stabilizer for peroxides, a strength agent for rubber and plastic including vinyl polymers and unsaturated polyesters, etc.



Personal protection: filter respirator for organic gases and vapours adapted to the airborne concentration of the substance. Collect leaking liquid in sealable containers. Absorb remaining liquid in sand or inert absorbent. Then store and dispose of according to local regulations. Wash away remainder with plenty of water.  


Separated from strong oxidants and strong bases. Well closed. Ventilation along the floor.     

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Sep 6,2021API

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