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Analytical Chemistry

Analytical chemistry is the subject for the method and basic principle of studying and identifying of the composition, status, structure of matter as well as determination of related content. It is an important branch of chemistry subject. Analytical chemistry plays an important role in not only its own development but also in various fields related to the chemistry. We can say that all the practice of any human activity involving chemical phenomena is inseparable from analytical chemistry. Now, people have developed various kinds of different analytical methods, which can be classified based on an analysis task, analysis object, the basis of the analysis, requirement of the analysis and sample dosage. According to the analysis tasks, it can be divided into qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis and structural analysis. Task of qualitative analysis is to identify the elements, radicals, functional groups or compounds that constituting the substances; the task of the quantitative analysis is to determine the content of the related components in the sample; the task of structural analysis is to study the molecular structure or crystal structure of the material.

Exploring the Compound H2O: Water

Water, the essential substance for life as we know it, is a compound with the chemical formula H2O.

Feb 27,2024  Analytical Chemistry

Does the Molecule of Water Have Ionic Charge?

Water(H2O) molecule maintains neutrality. but it does exist in equilibrium with hydrogen cation and hydroxide anion that are resp, due to partial positive charge on hydrogen and negative charge on oxy

Feb 5,2024  Analytical Chemistry

The uses of 2',7'-Dichlorofluorescein

DCF is used directly, there is a decline in fluorescence in the presence of ROS. Hence, DCFH2-DA (not DCF) should be used to indicate ROS generation.

Jan 18,2024  Analytical Chemistry

Caffeine EP impurity A

Caffeine EP Impurity A chemically known as theophylline has been utilized in the treatment of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Jul 26,2023  Analytical Chemistry

Ipratropium bromide Impurity D

Ipratropium bromide Impurity D Synonyms: 2-Phenylpropenoic Acid,Ipratropium Bromide Imp. D (EP), Ipratropium Impurity D, Atropic Acid, Ipratropium Bromide Impurity D, α-Methylenebenzeneacetic acid, A

Jul 26,2023  Analytical Chemistry

Adenosine Ep Impurity A---Adenine

Adenine (A) is a nucleotide base found in DNA, alongside cytosine (C), guanine (G), and thymine (T). It is also known as one of the impurities in Adenosine Ep.

Jul 11,2023  Analytical Chemistry

Diquafosol Impurity-URD(Uridine)

Diquafosol Impurity-URD(Uridine) is one of the key nucleotide that making RNA. Uridine is a nucleotide base found in high levels in beer which is used for increasing synthesis of cellular membranes an

Jul 10,2023  Analytical Chemistry

Olaparib Impurity Standards

Olaparib impurities that include Olaparib Acid Impurity, Olaparib N-Boc Impurity, Olaparib Amine impurity, Olaparib Pyrolidione Adduct, Olaparib Desfluoro Impurity, Olaparib Dimethylbenzamide Impurity

Jul 7,2023  Analytical Chemistry

What does Androstenedione do to the body?

The biological activity of androstenedione is between DHEA (a weak male hormone) and testosterone (a very active male hormone). It also has prohormone properties, exhibiting the androgenic and estroge

Dec 20,2022  Analytical Chemistry

Side effects of Chlordecone

Chlordecone, commonly known as kepone, is a tan to white crystalline odorless solid that was used primarily as insecticide. Specific application included control of the rust mites in nonfruit- bearing

Jan 5,2022  Analytical Chemistry
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