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Nucleoside Drugs

Many of the purine pyrimidine nucleoside analogues, which are promising antiviral compounds, are antiviral in tissue culture and in vivo. The compounds with selective inhibition of the virus, low toxicity, and effective in animals develop into nuclei Glycosides antiviral drugs.

What is Diethyl chlorothiophosphate?

Dimethyl chlorothiophosphate is a chemical that is used as an intermediate in the manufacture of pesticides and plasticisers. It is an organophosphate with sulfur and chlorine also bonded to the centr

Jan 16,2020  Nucleoside Drugs

Medical applications of 2'-C-methyluridine

2′-C-methyluridine is one of the key intermediates in the synthesis of nucleoside anti-hepatitis C and anti-leukemia drugs. There are two main applications of 2'-C-methyluridine, which are targeted at

Dec 9,2019  Nucleoside Drugs
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