Jilin Province Yanshen Technology Co., Ltd.

Main products: chemical reagents&COF、MOFligands

Contact information

  • TEL:17743007828,0431-80534353 ,QQ:3010266023,2718268519
  • Email:Extension@san-bangchem.com
  • Fax:0431-88607838

Gold product

  • CAS:1961231-34-4
  • Purity:95%
  • MOP

  • CAS:34374-88-4
  • Purity:98%
  • (+)-JQ1

  • CAS:1268524-70-4
  • Purity:98%+

Company Profile

Jilin Yanshen Technology Co., Ltd. Is a Chinese brand of high-tech materials with integration of scientific research, production and sales, specializing in pharmaceutical active molecules and high-end new materials

Enterprise Basic Information

Enterprise Certification

Type of Enterprise: Private
Legal Representative: Liyi Zhao
Registered Capital: RMB 10 million
Founded Date: 2016-08-16
Registered Address: NO.777,Chang da road,High-Technology Development Zone,Changchun,Jilin
Term of Validity: 2016-08-16—2040-08-15
Business Scope: Biological, chemical reagents&ligands, except dangerous productios
Staff number: 100-500 People
Number of R & D department: 50-100
Annual turnover: RMB 10 million-50 million
Main consumer market: University 
Main marketing location: Japan  United States  Austria  Canada  Singapore 
Main product or service: chemical reagents&ligands


Marketing :
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Marketing : Jilin Province Yanshen Technology Co.,Ltd.
Address: NO.777,Chang da road,High-Technology Development Zone,Changchun,Jilin
Area: 1000 Flat
Equipment: Reaction Kettle、Low Temperature Pumps
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Brief description : Perfect Quality Inspection System,every product has a nuclear magnetic test.Guaranteed purity and after-sales processing.
Quality inspection equipment
Certificate of accreditation
Brief description : Lab Area is 1000 Flat,More than 10 reaction kettles,Available in different compounds including custom product
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