Jinlin Chinese Academy of Sciences – Yanshen Technology Co. Ltd

Main products: COF,catalysis,synthesis

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Contact information

  • TEL:0431-80514535 13634302652
  • Email:Extension@chemextension.com
  • Fax:0431-88607838

Gold product

  • CAS:1350518-27-2
  • Purity:95%+

Company Profile

Jinlin Chinese Academy of Sciences – Yanshen Technology Co. Ltd, which is national high-tech enterprise, and shareholding with Chinese Academy of Sciences institutions. Main business scope is design, synthesis, production and sales of new material ligands. Currently, company is focusing on the design and production of Covalent Organic Frameworks and Metal-Organic Frameworks. We ensure the stability of each batch of product quality with strict quality inspection system, and provide gram-kilogram-100kg product demand, which could be comply with the requirements of different customers. At the same time, company provides CRO-CMO services. The company is located in H13 Building, Phase III of Beihu Science and Technology Park, Changchun, Jinlin. It is about 2,600 sqm with single building for research and development. Our company has become the most complete variety and goods in stock in China. We are improving the progress of research and help the development of new materials industry with reliable quality, sufficient spot goods and variety of varieties. There are thousands of COFS monomers as porous materials, including aldehyde series, amino series, carboxyl series, boric acid series, cyano series, nitrogen series, sulfur series and customized service.

Enterprise Basic Information

Enterprise Certification

Type of Enterprise: Private
Legal Representative: Liyi Zhao
Registered Capital: RMB 10 million
Founded Date: 2016-08-16
Registered Address: NO.777,Chang da road,High-Technology Development Zone,Changchun,Jilin
Term of Validity: 2016-08-16—2040-08-15
Business Scope: Biological, chemical reagents&ligands, except dangerous productios
Staff number: 100-500 People
Number of R & D department: 50-100
Annual turnover: RMB 10 million-50 million
Main consumer market: University 
Main marketing location: Japan  United States  Austria  Canada  Singapore 
Main product or service: chemical reagents&ligands


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Marketing : Jilin Province Yanshen Technology Co.,Ltd.
Address: NO.777,Chang da road,High-Technology Development Zone,Changchun,Jilin
Area: 1000 Flat
Equipment: Reaction Kettle、Low Temperature Pumps
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Brief description : Perfect Quality Inspection System,every product has a nuclear magnetic test.Guaranteed purity and after-sales processing.
Quality inspection equipment
Certificate of accreditation
Brief description : Lab Area is 1000 Flat,More than 10 reaction kettles,Available in different compounds including custom product
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