Zhengzhou Granlen Sciences

Main products: Nucleosides,Phosphoramidites,nucleoside phosphonates,Morpholino-nucleosides,library

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Company Profile

Granlen are specialized and well-known on nucleosides and related compounds. We have been constantly developing unique and novel nucleoside derivatives by “series” to fulfill our global clients’ potential need in oligonucleotides or genomic-related fields, medicinal chemistry, library for biological screening and others. We have been building solid base in the related fields and developed special techniques on a broad scope with various modified carbohydrates and bases. Therefore, our teams are able to quickly synthesize series of novel nucleoside derivatives or library derived from our existing products or from our clients’ desired core structures.

Enterprise Basic Information

Enterprise Certification

Type of Enterprise: Ltd
Legal Representative: HAOYUN AN
Registered Capital: 2000000
Founded Date: 2009-07-08
Registered Address: Zhengzhou economic and technological development zone
Term of Validity: 2009-07-08—2029-07-07
Business Scope: Drug discovery、 Biology technology、Drug synthesis research and development、Technical services、Technology transfer and technical consulting.
Staff number: 10-50 People
Number of R & D department: 10-20
Annual turnover: RMB 10 million-50 million
Main consumer market: University  Research InstituteL  Pharmaceutical factory  trading company  Material factory 
Main marketing location: United Kingdom  Germany  United States  Japan  South Korea 
Main product or service: Research and development service


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Marketing : Zhengzhou Granlen Sciences, Ltd.
Address: Guancheng Hui District Zhengzhou, Henan
Area: China
Equipment: Parr Hydrogenator
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Marketing : Dongtai Pharmaceuticals
Address: #2 Taikang Street, Tangyin, Henan, China
Area: China
Equipment: factory
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Brief description : Established quality system and GMP facility.
Quality inspection equipment
  • MS spectrometer and HPLC
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Brief description : Manufacture APIs and key pharmaceutical intermediates under GMP condition.
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