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Product Name:Apigenin
Synonyms:5,7-dihydroxy-2-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-4-benzopyrone;4,5,7-Trihydroxyflavone (apigenin);APIGENIN CRYSTALLINE;APIGENIN FROM PARSLEY;Matricaria chamomilla flower;Versuline;Pelargidenon 1449;4’,5,7-trihydroxyflavaone
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Company Name: INTATRADE GmbH    Recommend    Complaint
Tel: +49 3493/605464
FAX: +49 3493/605470
Email: sales@intatrade.de
Nationality: Germany
Products Intro: Product Name:Apigenin
CB Index: 66
WebSite: www.intatrade.de
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Company Name: Ascent Scientific    Recommend    Complaint
Tel: 4401179829988
FAX: 4402030 700 369
Email: customerservice@ascentscientific.co.uk
Nationality: United Kingdom
Products Intro: Product Name:Apigenin
Purity:>98% Package:10mg;50mg Remarks:Anticancer agent
CB Index: 60
WebSite: www.ascentscientific.com
Related Information: Sales Network   Catalog(279)   User Evaluation
Company Name: Pure Chemistry Scientific Inc.    Recommend    Complaint
Tel: 001-857-928-2050 or 1-888-588-9418
FAX: 001-617-206-9595
Email: sales@chemreagents.com
Nationality: United States
Products Intro: Product Name:Apigenin
Purity:99% Package:100Mg; 1g; 5g
CB Index: 62
WebSite: www.chemreagents.com
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Company Name: BOC Sciences    Recommend    Complaint
Tel: 16314854226
Email: info@bocsci.com
Nationality: United States
Products Intro: Product Name:Apigenin
Purity:5%-98%; 10:1 Package:$190/500mg Remarks:Apigenin is the main active ingredient of Chamomil Extract. Chamomile is rich in flavonoid active ingredients, which has antioxidant, anti-angiogenic, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and anti-viral e
CB Index: 65
WebSite: www.bocsci.com
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Company Name: TOKYO CHEMICAL INDUSTRY CO., LTD.    Recommend    Complaint
Tel: 03-3668-0489
FAX: 03-3668-0520
Email: Sales-JP@TCIchemicals.com
Nationality: Japan
Products Intro: Product Name:Apigenin
Purity:95-98% Package:100 mg
CB Index: 80
WebSite: https://www.tcichemicals.com/ja/jp/index.html
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