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Potassium fluorosilicate

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Products Intro: Product Name:potassium hexafluorosilicate
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Products Intro: Product Name:potassium hexafluorosilicate
Purity:98% Package:1kg,5kg,10kg

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Potassium fluorosilicate Basic information
Description References
Product Name:Potassium fluorosilicate
Synonyms:dipotassiumhexafluorosilicate(2-);hexafluoro-silicate(2-dipotassium;potassiumfluosilicate;Silicate(2-),hexafluoro-,dipotassium;octadecapotassium fluoro(trioxido)silane;POTASSIUM HEXAFLUOROSILICATE;POTASSIUM FLUOROSILICATE;POTASSIUM SILICOFLUORIDE
Product Categories:halometallate salts;wood preservation, ceramics manufacturing;INORGANIC & ORGANIC CHEMICALS;Inorganic Chemicals;Inorganics;Preservative;Analytical Reagents for General Use;O-P, Puriss p.a. ACS;Puriss p.a. ACS
Mol File:16871-90-2.mol
Potassium fluorosilicate Structure
Potassium fluorosilicate Chemical Properties
Melting point °Cd ec.)
Boiling point dec
density 2.665 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
refractive index 1.3991
form Powder
Specific Gravity2.665
color White
Water Solubility Slightly soluble in water.
Sensitive Moisture Sensitive
Hydrolytic Sensitivity0: forms stable aqueous solutions
Merck 14,7638
Solubility Product Constant (Ksp)pKsp: 6.06
CAS DataBase Reference16871-90-2(CAS DataBase Reference)
EPA Substance Registry SystemSilicate(2-), hexafluoro-, dipotassium (16871-90-2)
Safety Information
Hazard Codes T,Xi
Risk Statements 23/24/25
Safety Statements 26-45
RIDADR UN 2655 6.1/PG 3
WGK Germany 2
RTECS VV8400000
Hazard Note Irritant
HazardClass 6.1
PackingGroup III
MSDS Information
SigmaAldrich English
ALFA English
Potassium fluorosilicate Usage And Synthesis
DescriptionAs a type of fluorosilicate, potassium fluorosilicate can be used as fluoridizing agents for water supplies, in the production of synthetic cryolite, and in metal plating. Potassium fluorosilicate can be used as oral care ingredient, as a fluxing ingredient in porcelain enamels, and as wood preservative elements. Potassium fluorosilicate can also be used for the manufacture of ceramic materials and optical glasses.
References[1] W. John Williams, Handbook of Anion Determination, 1979
[2] Ruth Winter, A Consumer's Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients, 7th Edition, 2009
[3] B. A. Richardson, Wood Preservation, 2nd Edition, 1993
[4] Werner Vogel, Glass Chemistry, 2nd Edition, 1994
Chemical PropertiesWhite, odorless, crystalline powder. D 3.0. Slightly soluble in water; soluble in hydrochlo- ric acid.
UsesIn the manufacture of opalescent glass, in porcelain enamels, in insecticides. Also used in aluminum metallurgy.
General DescriptionA white, odorless crystalline powder. Denser than water. Contact may cause irritation to skin, eyes, and mucous membranes. May be toxic by ingestion. Used to make other chemicals.
Air & Water ReactionsSlightly soluble in water.
Reactivity ProfilePotassium fluorosilicate has weak oxidizing or reducing powers. Redox reactions can however still occur. The majority of compounds in this class are slightly soluble or insoluble in water. If soluble in water, then the solutions are usually neither strongly acidic nor strongly basic. These compounds are not water-reactive.
HazardToxic by ingestion and inhalation, strong irritant to tissue.
Health HazardHighly toxic, may be fatal if inhaled, swallowed or absorbed through skin. Avoid any skin contact. Effects of contact or inhalation may be delayed. Fire may produce irritating, corrosive and/or toxic gases. Runoff from fire control or dilution water may be corrosive and/or toxic and cause pollution.
Fire HazardNon-combustible, substance itself does not burn but may decompose upon heating to produce corrosive and/or toxic fumes. Containers may explode when heated. Runoff may pollute waterways.
Industrial usesPotassium fluorosilicate is a white to yellowish powder, poorly soluble in water (0.68% at 20 °C). Because of its poor solubility, it is not commonly used as a modifying reagent.
Safety ProfileA poison by ingestion and subcutaneous routes. Ingestion can cause vomiting and dtarrhea. A strong irritant. Incompatible with hydrofluoric acid. When heated to decomposition it emits toxic fumes of SiF4, K3SiF7, and KF.
Purification MethodsCrystallise it several times from conductivity water (100mL/g) between 100o and 0o.
Potassium fluorosilicate Preparation Products And Raw materials
Raw materialsPotassium carbonate-->Potassium chloride-->Hexafluorosilicic acid
Preparation ProductsPotassium Phosphate Monobasic
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