N-DesMethyl Cariprazine

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Company Name: Artis Biotech Co. Ltd.  
Tel: 0575-0575-89298960 18582380095
Email: sales@artisbio.com
Products Intro: Product Name:N-Desmethyl Cariprazine
Purity:99% HPLC Package:5mg 20mg 50mg 100mg 200mg 1g
Company Name: Hubei Yangxin Medical Technology Co., Ltd.  
Tel: 15374522761
Email: 3003392093@qq.com
Products Intro: Product Name:Cariprazine Impurity 1 Hydrochloride (N-Desmethyl Cariprazine Hydrochloride)
Purity:95% HPLC Package:10mg;25mg;50mg;100mg;200mg
Company Name: Chengdu Novel Biomedical Co., Ltd.  
Tel: 028-85255396 18302801538
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Products Intro: Product Name:N-Desmethyl Cariprazine
Purity:98% HPLC Package:100mg;200mg
Company Name: PCL - Business, Laboratory Pharmaceutical  
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Products Intro: CAS:1231947-91-3
Company Name: Energy Chemical  
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Products Intro: Product Name:DesmethylCariprazineHydrochloride
Purity:NULL Package:100mg;10mg;1mg;25mg;50mg Remarks:NULL
N-DesMethyl Cariprazine Basic information
Product Name:N-DesMethyl Cariprazine
Synonyms:N-DesMethyl Cariprazine;DesmethylCariprazineHydrochloride;Cyclohexane Impurity 25
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Mol File:1231947-91-3.mol
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N-DesMethyl Cariprazine Usage And Synthesis
UsesDesmethyl Cariprazine Hydrochloride is a derivative of Cariprazine (C183490) which is an orally active D2/D3 dopamine receptor antagonist (1,2,3). Cariprazine is an antipsychotic drug candidate for the potential treatment of schizophrenia, bipolar mania and depression.
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