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Postion:Product Catalog >API>Vitamins and Minerals medicines>Vitamin B drugs>Tilmicosin


$50.00 / 1Kg/Bag

  • 1Kg/Bag
Min. Order: 1Kg/Bag
Purity: Above 99%
Cas No.: 73-24-5
Supply Ability: 5000kg/month
  • Product Name: Tilmicosin
  • CAS No.:73-24-5
  • Min. Order:1Kg/Bag
  • Purity:Above 99%
  • Supply Ability:5000kg/month
  • Release date:2021/12/03
Product Advantage

Tilmicosin is the Macrolides antibiotics specialized by livestock and poultry,is the ramification of Tylosin, it has the similar molecular structure and more optimizing,wider antibacterial spectrum.
Action and Utility:

Used to infectious disease of cow,diary cow,goat,sheep,pig,chicken and other animals,especially for respiratory tract disease of livestock and poultry like Actinobacillus pleuropneumonia of livestock,Pasteurellosis and Mycoplasmosis of chicken,it has inhibiting effect for gram-positive bacteria,part of gram-negative bacteria,Mycoplasma and spirochete,the antibacterial activity is obviouly better then Tylosin.Compared with Tylosin,its drug dosage is less,long action,small side effect,low residual,safe and non-toxic,is a kind of economic,safe,effective livestock and poultry common used antibacterial and growth promoting drugs,is the priority drugs of replacing Tylosin,preventing and curing respiratory tract infection of livestock and poultry. 

Pig:Used to prevent and cure fatting pig of pneunomia and other infectious symptom caused by pleuropneumonia actinomycetes,Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae,hemorrhagic Pasteurella,mycoplasma and other sensitive bacteria; Chicken: used to prevent and cure chicken respiratory tract infection, like the infection caused by mycoplasma,vice-haemophilus,pasteurella multocida and other bacteria;  Cow:used to prevent and cure respiratory tract disease caused by Pasteurella hemolytica and pasteurella multocida. 
Usage and Dosage:

10-20mg/kg subcutaneous or intravenous injection one times.(preparation can make to 30 percent Aqueous acupuncture);
Chicken,pig drinking:

 100-200mg/L continuously drinking for 5 days for chicken or pig.(Preparation can make to 100ml:25g,100ml:10g solution).
Mixing pig materials: 

According to 200-400mg/kg fodder(net content) mixed and continuoulsy feed for 15 days.(Preparation can make to 20 percent,10 percent contnet)
Withdrawal period:7 days

  • Business model:Trader,Manufacturer
  • CB index: 58
  • Telephone: 15369953316
  • Mobile: 15369953316
  • Address: Room 1103, Haiyue Building, Qiaoxi District, ShiJiazhuang,Hebei Province

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