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Postion:Product Catalog >Biochemical Engineering>Chinese Herbs>Ruscogenin


Min. Order: 5mg
Supply Ability: 10 g
Update Time: 2020-05-11

Product Details

Product Name: Ruscogenin CAS No.: 472-11-7
Min. Order: 5mg Purity: ≥98%(HPLC)
Supply Ability: 10 g Release date: 2020/05/11

         Product Name:  Ruscogenin  ( Reference Standard ) 

        Molecular Formula:   C27H42O4

        Molecular Weight:   430.62

              Source :  Radix Ophiopogonis

      Type of Compound:  Steroids 
     Testing Method:  HPLC 
     Identification Method: MS, NMR
     Packing:  As per customer's requirement

Usage/Application :  Identification purpose

Storage:  Store in a closed container for protection from air and light.  Refrigerated or frozen for a long time.

Provide COA ,MSDS and Test Report

Company Profile Introduction

NatureStandard was founded with a mission to facilitate pharmaceutical research by providing high quality Reference Standards,Analytical Standards and related technical services including separation and manufacturing of components from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) ,development of extraction technology , technical outsourcing service for Registration and Application of TCM (Plant Medicine) .Our products/services are quality-certified and delivered with care and pride from our home in Shanghai to clients worldwide.

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