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Postion:Product Catalog >Biochemical Engineering>Amino Acids and Derivatives>Glycine derivative>Cefprozil Impurity A

Cefprozil Impurity A

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Package 10mg 25mg 50mg
  • Min. Order:10mg
  • Supply Ability:10g
  • Release date:2022-04-20

Product Details

  • Product Name: Cefprozil Impurity A
  • CAS No.:22818-40-2
  • Min. Order:10mg
  • Purity:90%+
  • Supply Ability:10g
  • Release date:2022/04/20

PI00030002   Cefprozil Impurity A    CAS No:22818-40-2    ||Chemical Formula:C8H9NO3    ||Molecular Weight:167.16400    ||Exact Mass:167.05824    ||(R)-2-amino-2-(4-hydroxyphenyl)acetic acid    http://www.pipitech.com/cefprozil-monohydrate-Impurity-a.html


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We have fudosteine and its following impurities.Please search for each specific product on this website or visit http://www.pipitech.com/cefprozil-monohydrate.htmlor email to 003@pharmyao.com for more details.

PI00030001    Cefprozil     CAS No:92665-29-7    

PI00030002    Cefprozil Impurity A    CAS No:22818-40-2    

PI00030003    Cefprozil Impurity B    CAS No:50370-12-2    

PI00030004    Cefprozil Impurity C (Cefadroxil Impurity E)    CAS No:147103-93-3    

PI00030005    Cefprozil Impurity D(EP)    CAS No:106447-44-3    

PI00030006    Cefprozil Impurity E    CAS No:N/A    

PI00030006    Cefprozil Impurity E(EP)(containing double trifluoroacetic acid)    CAS No:N/A    

PI00030007    Cefprozil Impurity F(EP),7-APRA,7-APCA    CAS No:107937-01-9,120709-09-3    

PI00030008    Cefprozil Impurity G(EP)    CAS No:N/A    

PI00030009    Cefprozil Impurity H(EP)    CAS No:N/A    

PI00030010    Cefprozil Impurity I(EP)    CAS No:N/A    

PI00030011    Cefprozil Impurity J(EP)    CAS No:N/A    

PI00030012    Cefprozil Impurity K(EP)    CAS No:N/A    

PI00030013    Cefprozil Impurity k1(single peak)    CAS No:N/A    

PI00030014    CefprozilImpurity L(Hydroxyethyl p-Hydroxyphenylglycinate)    CAS No:203007-73-2    

PI00030015    CefprozilImpurity M,Ethoxycarbonylcefprozil(Z)-isomer     CAS No:1605314-84-8    

PI00030016    Cefprozil Impurity M1    CAS No:N/A    

PI00030017    Cefprozil Impurity M2    CAS No:N/A    

PI00030018    Cefprozil Impurity N    1605314-85-9    

PI00030019    Cefprozil Amide 1,Cefprozil Bilateral Chain    CAS No:N/A    

PI00030020    Δ3-Cefprozil,Cefprozil Delta3 Isomer    CAS No:1000980-59-5    

PI00030021    Cefprozil Dimer 1(Cefprozil USP Impurity I)    CAS No:N/A    

PI00030022    Cefprozil Dimer 3    CAS No:N/A    

PI00030023    Cefprozil Dimer 4    CAS No:N/A    

PI00030024    Cefprozil Lactone    CAS No:N/A    

PI00030025    Cefprozil Oxide Impurity 1    CAS No:N/A    

PI00030026    Cefprozil Oxide Impurity 2    CAS No:N/A    

PI00030027    Cefprozil Oxide Impurity 3    CAS No:N/A    

PI00030028    E-Cefprozil    CAS No:92676-86-3    

PI00030029    Cefprozil Oxide Impurity 4    CAS No:N/A    

PI00030030    Cefprozil-d4    CAS No:1426173-48-9    

PI00030031    Cefprozil Impurity N Intermediate    CAS No:N/A    

PI00030032    Cefprozil Mother Nucleus Dimer    CAS No:N/A    

PI00030033    Cefprozil Double Mother Nucleus    CAS No:N/A    

PI00030034    Methoxy Cefprozil     CAS No:N/A    

PI00030035    Cefprozil Open-Ring Decarboxylation Lactone    CAS No:N/A    

PI00030036    Cefprozil Impurity G1    CAS No:N/A    

PI00030037    Cefprozil Dimer A    CAS No:N/A    

PI00030038    Cefprozil Dimer B    CAS No:N/A    

PI00030039    Cefprozil Dimer C    CAS No:N/A    

PI00030040    Cefprozil Dimer D    CAS No:N/A    

PI00030041    Cefprozil Dimer E    CAS No:N/A    

PI00030042    Cefprozil Dimer F    CAS No:N/A    

PI00030043    Cefprozil Dimer 5    CAS No:N/A    

PI00030044    Cefprozil Phenylacetamide    CAS No:N/A    

PI00030045    Cefprozil Impurity 1(see 7-ADCA Impurity 2)    CAS No:104146-11-4    

PI00030046    7-PACE Impurity 1    CAS No:N/A    

PI00030047    7-PACE Impurity 2    CAS No:N/A    

Company Profile Introduction

Guangzhou Pi Pi Biotech Inc was set up in Guangzhou Privately-Run Science and Technology Park In 2009. Currently, the company and its R & D Centre are located in Suite 501 ,198 Kaiyuan Ave., Science City, Guangzhou ,China. The company is mainly engaged in the custom synthesis, separations and purifications of drug Impurities, highly pure natural compounds and APIs & intermediates, with advanced instruments such as GAS/MS, HPLC/MS, high-resolution NMR and Preparative HPLC. Since it was founded, the company has got many sci-tech project grants awarded by the province and the city. Projects including “National TCM Standardization Research Project”, “Guangdong-Hongkong-Macao Cooperation Project”, “TCM Pilot-Test Industrialization Project”, “Guangzhou City Sci-Tech Innovation Little Giant” and “Guangzhou City Corporate R & D Institute ”, etc. The company is an innovative R & D business. In 2017, the company applied for the certification of “ National New Hi-tech Enterprise”. Welcome to cooperate or invest in our projects and patents. For more information: www.pipitech.com and www.paypaytech.com (Chinese).

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