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      Shanghai Beilang was established in 2004. Its headquarter and foreign trade department are located in Shanghai, its R&D center is located in Optics Valley Bio-City, its logistics center is located in Wuhan Biomedical Park, and its production bases are located in Luotian, Tongshan, Dongying, Pingxiang and other places. Beilang Bio's business involves the research and development of innovative drugs, the screening of compound crystal forms, the custom synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs, and the import and export business, as well as the outsourcing procurement and agent sales of pharmaceutical chemicals. In order to better serve customers, Beilang Bio has assembled a R&D team composed of 5 Ph.Ds, which can carry out process development and pilot scale-up production of multiple projects at the same time. At the same time, it has established more than 5,000 square meters of cGMP production. The base has passed the FDA's ready-made review, which can realize the g-kg-t rapid response of pharmaceutical intermediates. Not only that, it has also built a 1,000-square-meter logistics center in Wuhan, a thoroughfare of nine provinces, and has a spot reserve worth more than 10 million. , It can realize the quick response to 1w orders in a single day. Beilang Biology has cooperated with many well-known universities and scientific research institutions such as Wuhan University, Shanghai University, China Medical University, China Pharmaceutical University, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, Shanghai Institutes of Biological Sciences, China Institute of Biotechnology in the development of new drugs. Cooperation. At the same time, it has extensively cooperated with major pharmaceutical companies such as CSPC, Huayao Group, and Langbo Pharmaceutical to jointly develop export business. For a long time, colleagues regard Biolang as a long-term and reliable partner. We also hope to carry out more cooperation with colleagues in the industry, and work towards a better tom
Product Name MF CAS Details
Testosterone undecanoate C30H48O3 5949-44-0 Details
Nandrolone Phenylpropionate C27H34O3 62-90-8 Details
SR9011 C23H31ClN4O3S 1379686-29-9 Details
AC262 356 C18H18N2O 870888-46-3 Details
GW1516 C21H18F3NO3S2 317318-70-0 Details
Trenbolone cyclohexylmethylcarbonate C26H34O4 23454-33-3 Details
Metribolone C19H24O2 965-93-5 Details
Andarine S4 C19H18F3N3O6 401900-40-1 Details
Testosterone C19H28O2 58-22-0 Details
Testosterone propionate C22H32O3 57-85-2 Details
Testosterone enanthate C26H40O3 315-37-7 Details
Testosterone decanoate C29H46O3 5721-91-5 Details
Testosterone phenylpropionate C28H36O3 1255-49-8 Details
Trenbolone Enanthate C20H28O2 2322-77-2 Details
Mesterolon C20H32O2 1424-00-6 Details
Methandienone C20H28O2 72-63-9 Details
Trenbolone C18H22O2 10061-33-8 Details
Testosterone cypionate C27H40O3 58-20-8 Details
Testosterone isocaproate C25H38O3 15262-86-9 Details
Exemestane C20H24O2 107868-30-4 Details
Boldenone Cypionate C27H38O3 106505-90-2 Details
Nandrolone Decanoate C28H44O3 360-70-3 Details
Trenbolone acetate C20H24O3 10161-34-9 Details
Drostanolone enanthate C27H44O3 13425-31-5 Details
Fluoxymesterone C20H29FO3 76-43-7 Details
4-chloro-17a-methyl androst-1,4 diene-3-17b-dione C20H27ClO2 2446-23-3 Details
ANAVAR C19H30O3 53-39-4 Details
Testosterone Acetate C21H30O3 1045-69-8 Details
4-Chlorotestosterone acetate C21H29ClO3 855-19-6 Details
Methasteron C21H34O2 3381-88-2 Details
ACP105 C16H19ClN2O 899821-23-9 Details
Sildenafil (Viagra) * * C22H30N6O4S 139755-83-2 Details
GROWTH HORMONE, HUMAN C990H1529N263O299S7 12629-01-5 Details
MK-2866 C19H14F3N3O3 1202044-20-9 Details
Levobupivacaine hydrochloride C18H29ClN2O 27262-48-2 Details
Ropivacaine C17H26N2O 84057-95-4 Details
Bupivacaine hydrochloride C18H28N2O.ClH 14252-80-3 Details
Bupivacaine C18H28N2O 2180-92-9 Details
Selank C33H57N11O9 129954-34-3 Details
PT-141 (Bremelanotide) C50H68N14O10 189691-06-3 Details
Toremifene Citrate C32H36ClNO8 89778-27-8 Details
Estradiol valerate C23H32O3 979-32-8 Details
Allylestrenol C21H32O 432-60-0 Details
Lynestrenol C20H28O 52-76-6 Details
Norethindrone C20H26O2 68-22-4 Details
Estriol C18H24O3 50-27-1 Details
Estradiol Cypionate C26H36O3 313-06-4 Details
Estradiol C18H24O2 50-28-2 Details
mestranol C21H26O2 72-33-3 Details
Dienogest C20H25NO2 65928-58-7 Details
hydroxyprogesterone caproate C27H40O4 630-56-8 Details
Norethisterone enanthate C27H38O3 3836-23-5 Details
Pirfenidone C12H11NO 53179-13-8 Details
Aceclofenac C16H13Cl2NO4 89796-99-6 Details
Lidocaine C14H22N2O 137-58-6 Details
Tetracaine C15H24N2O2 94-24-6 Details
Propitocaine hydrochloride C13H21ClN2O 1786-81-8 Details
Prilocaine C13H20N2O 721-50-6 Details
Procaine hydrochloride C13H21ClN2O2 51-05-8 Details
Procainamide hydrochloride C13H22ClN3O 614-39-1 Details
Dibucaine hydrochloride C20H30ClN3O2 61-12-1 Details
Cinchocaine C20H29N3O2 85-79-0 Details
Mepivacaine C15H22N2O 22801-44-1 Details
Pramoxine hydrochloride C17H28ClNO3 637-58-1 Details
Proparacaine hydrochloride C16H27ClN2O3 5875-06-9 Details
Oxymetholone C21H32O3 434-07-1 Details
Lidocaine hydrochloride C14H23ClN2O 73-78-9 Details
AICAR C9H14N4O5 2627-69-2 Details
PGE1 C20H34O5 745-65-3 Details
Yohimbine hydrochloride C21H27ClN2O3 65-19-0 Details
Amino Tadanafil C21H18N4O4 385769-84-6 Details
TB500 C203H311N55O60S1 107761-42-2 Details
GHRP-2 C45H55N9O6 158861-67-7 Details
GHRP-6 C46H56N12O6 87616-84-0 Details
Glycine, L-alanyl-L-a-glutamyl-L-a-aspartyl- C14H22N4O9 307297-39-8 Details
IGF1 LR3 946870-92-4 Details
IGF1 DES Details
FST344 C19H28NaO9P 87860-39-7 Details
DSIP C35H48N10O15 62568-57-4 Details
AOD9604 C78H123N23O23S2 221231-10-3 Details
Gonadorelin C55H75N17O13 33515-09-2 Details
MGF Details
Sermorelin C149H246N44O42S 86168-78-7 Details
Melanotan II C50H69N15O9 121062-08-6 Details
Triptorelin/GnRH C64H82N18O13 57773-63-4 Details
CJC1295 NO DAC C152H252N44O42 863288-34-0 Details
Ipamorelin C38H49N9O5 170851-70-4 Details
GDF-8 Details
HCG C17H28 9002-61-3 Details
BPC 157 C62H98N16O22 137525-51-0 Details
Dapoxetine HCI C21H23NO·HCl 129938-20-1 Details
Vardenafil C23H33ClN6O4S 224785-91-5 Details
Tadalafil (Cialis) C22H19N3O4 171596-29-5 Details
MK 677 C28H40N4O8S2 159752-10-0 Details
LGD-4033 C14H12F6N2O 1165910-22-4 Details
5α-hydroxy Laxogenin C27H42O5 56786-63-1 Details
Oxytocin C43H65N11O13S2 24346-32-5 Details
S23 C18H13ClF4N2O3 1010396-29-8 Details
SR 9009 C20H24ClN3O4S 1379686-30-2 Details
RAD 140 C20H16ClN5O2 1182367-47-0 Details
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