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Company Name:Langfang Tianke Biological Technology Co., Ltd.
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      Langfang Tianke Biological Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Tianke") was established in 2003. The company has its own production base, covering an area of ??more than 9,000 square meters, 16 A second production base was added in the year, covering an area of ??17,500 square meters, located in the modern manufacturing industrial park, close to the Lang-Cang Expressway and convenient transportation. The company specializes in chemical reagents, medical The production and sales of pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediates, water treatment, disinfection and environmental protection, and other fine chemicals. At the same time, it can provide external processing services. In biochemical industry and Beijing, Tianjin, several major research institutes and the Chinese Academy of Sciences have close cooperation and have become experimental production bases for some high-tech products. The company can produce, self-inspect, self-sell, product quality And services have been recognized by many domestic and foreign partners. The scope of products covers a series of reagent products such as acetate, sulfate, phosphate, carbonate, chloride, water treatment products, disinfection and environmental protection products, etc. It can also produce products with specified standards according to user requirements. There are many types of products in each category, because we produce, so we are professional. Products are widely used It is used in the fields of chemical industry, petroleum, medicine, building materials, glass, electroplating, printing and dyeing, military industry, water treatment, environmental protection and disinfection.
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Sodium acetate trihydrate C2H9NaO5 6131-90-4 Details
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