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Company Name:Sinoway Industrial co., ltd.
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      Sinoway Industrial co., ltd. was established in 1987 in Xiamen, China, and now has been a leading group specialized in research, development, custom manufacturing and trading of pharmaceutical intermediates, APIs, health and food supplements, cosmetic raw materials, herbal extracts, polypeptides and prostaglandin derivatives, etc.. We have passed ISO9001:2015. With qualified products, competitive price and excellent service, we have received great reputation of our customers from all over the world, including Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Middle East and other countries. We have over 20 years good partners in Japan、Korea and Switzerland. Sinoway has a professional R&D team. We have built close cooperative relationships with many research institutes and universities in China. Moreover, Sinoway combines market analysis with technology, providing new business trends to our clients. In addition, we have very close cooperation relationships with many Chinese pharmaceutical factories. These pharmaceutical manufacturers have GMP regulated workshops, advanced production and testing equipments, first-class QC labs and a production team with rich experience. We can supply various Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and finished products which meet EP/USP/BP standards. Chinese GMP, EU-GMP, COS/CEP certificates with DMF documents are available, and many products have been approved by FDA. We believe that quality and innovation are vital for an enterprise. Adhering to the business philosophy of integrity and win-win cooperation, Sinoway is looking forward to have a bright future with you together.
Product Name MF CAS Details
Emtricitabine C8H10FN3O3S 143491-57-0 Details
Esomeprazole Magnesium Trihydrate C34H38MgN6O7S2 217087-09-7 Details
Griseofulvin C17H17ClO6 126-07-8 Details
Febantel C20H22N4O6S 58306-30-2 Details
Imatinib Mesylate C30H35N7O4S 220127-57-1 Details
Gemcitabine Hydrobromide C9H12ClF2N3O4 122111-03-9 Details
Edoxaban C24H30ClN7O4S 480449-70-5 Details
HMB-Ca C10H18CaO6 135236-72-5 Details
Irbesartan C25H28N6O 138402-11-6 Details
Febuxostat C16H16N2O3S 144060-53-7 Details
Gliclazide C15H21N3O3S 21187-98-4 Details
Empagliflozin C23H27ClO7 864070-44-0 Details
Iron Sucrose C18H24Fe2O24 8047-67-4 Details
Ketanserin C22H22FN3O3 74050-98-9 Details
Entecavir C12H15N5O3 142217-69-4 Details
Fluralaner C22H17Cl2F6N3O3 864731-61-3 Details
Losartan Potassium C22H23ClKN6O 124750-99-8 Details
Lopinavir C37H48N4O5 192725-17-0 Details
Lenalidomide C13H13N3O3 191732-72-6 Details
Lacosamide C13H18N2O3 175481-36-4 Details
Lenvatinib C22H23ClN4O7S 857890-39-2 Details
Mefenamic Acid C15H15NO2 61-68-7 Details
Ganciclovir C9H13N5O4 82410-32-0 Details
Metformin Hydrochloride C4H12ClN5 1115-70-4 Details
Donepezil Hydrochloride C24H30ClNO3 120011-70-3 Details
Ezetimibe C24H21F2NO3 163222-33-1 Details
Fenofibrate C20H21ClO4 49562-28-9 Details
Fusidic Acid C31H48O6 6990-06-3 Details
Ketoconazole C26H28Cl2N4O4 65277-42-1 Details
Ipratropium Bromide C20H30BrNO3 22254-24-6 Details
Sofosbuvir C22H29FN3O9P 1190307-88-0 Details
Mirtazapine C17H19N3 85650-52-8 Details
Mupirocin C26H44O9 12650-69-0 Details
Povidone Iodine C6H9I2NO 25655-41-8 Details
Nifuratel C10H11N3O5S 4936-47-4 Details
Oxaliplatin C8H12N2O4Pt 61825-94-3 Details
Lamivudine C8H11N3O3S 134678-17-4 Details
Tenofovir Alafenamide Fumarate / TAF C25H33N6O9P 1392275-56-7 Details
Oseltamivir Phosphate C16H31N2O8P 204255-11-8 Details
Pemetrexed Disodium 2(C20H19N5Na2O6).5(H2O) 357166-30-4 Details
Sulfadimidine Sodium C12H15N4NaO2S 1981-58-4 Details
Rabeprazole Sodium Enteric-Coated Capsules C18H20N3NaO3S 117976-90-6 Details
Orlistat C29H53NO5 96829-58-2 Details
Miglitol C8H17NO5 72432-03-2 Details
Paclitaxel C47H51NO14 33069-62-4 Details
Solifenacin Succinate C27H32N2O6 242478-38-2 Details
Policresulen C23H24O12S3 101418-00-2 Details
Telmisartan C33H30N4O2 144701-48-4 Details
Ropivacaine C17H26N2O 84057-95-4 Details
Perindopril C23H43N3O5 107133-36-8 Details
Ondansetron Hcl C18H19N3O·HCl·2H2O 103639-04-9 Details
Rebamipide C19H15ClN2O4 90098-04-7 Details
Pitavastatin Calcium C25H26CaFNO4 147526-32-7 Details
Pimobendan C19H18N4O2 74150-27-9 Details
Sitagliptin Phosphate C16H15F6N5O.H3PO4 654671-78-0 Details
Rifampicin C43H58N4O12 13292-46-1 Details
Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate C23H34N5O14P 202138-50-9 Details
Medroxy Progesterone 17-Acetate C24H34O4 71-58-9 Details
Olmesartan Medoxomil C29H30N6O6 144689-63-4 Details
Polymyxin B Sulphate C56H100N16O17S 1405-20-5 Details
Rivaroxaban Form I C19H18ClN3O5S 366789-02-8 Details
Rosuvastatin Calcium C22H30CaFN3O6S 147098-20-2 Details
Doxorubicin Hydrochloride C27H30ClNO11 25316-40-9 Details
Nepafenac C15H14N2O2 78281-72-8 Details
Ritonavir C37H48N6O5S2 155213-67-5 Details
Sitagliptin C16H15F6N5O 486460-32-6 Details
Donepezil C24H29NO3 120014-06-4 Details
Olaparib C24H23FN4O3 763113-22-0 Details
Eptifibatide C35H49N11O9S2 188627-80-7 Details
Carmustine C5H9Cl2N3O2 154-93-8 Details
Allopurinol C5H4N4O 315-30-0 Details
Apremilast C22H24N2O7S 608141-41-9 Details
Capecitabine C15H22FN3O6 154361-50-9 Details
Colistimethate Sodium Unspecified 8068-28-8 Details
Diosmin Hesperidin 90:10 Powder Details
Azilsartan C25H20N4O5 147403-03-0 Details
Clarithromycin Taste Masked C38H69NO13 81103-11-9 Details
Pregabalin C8H17NO2 148553-50-8 Details
Acarbose C25H43NO18 56180-94-0 Details
Daclatasvir C40H50N8O6.2(HCl) 1009119-65-6 Details
Amphotericin B C47H73NO17 1397-89-3 Details
Dasatinib C22H26ClN7O2S 302962-49-8 Details
Apixaban C25H25N5O4 503612-47-3 Details
Chlortetracycline C22H23ClN2O8 57-62-5 Details
Atomoxetine Hydrochloride C17H22ClNO 82248-59-7 Details
Alogliptin Benzoate C25H27N5O4 850649-62-6 Details
Dabigatran Etexilate C34H41N7O5 211915-06-9 Details
Ceftiofur Sodium C19H18N5NaO7S3 104010-37-9 Details
Amiodarone C25H29I2NO3.ClH 19774-82-4 Details
Celecoxib C17H14F3N3O2S 169590-42-5 Details
Penciclovir C10H15N5O3 39809-25-1 Details
Clozapine C18H19ClN4 5786-21-0 Details
Brivaracetam C11H20N2O2 357336-20-0 Details
Paroxetine Hydrochloride C19H21ClFNO3 78246-49-8 Details
Abacavir Sulfate C28H38N12O6S 188062-50-2 Details
Pimavanserin C25H34FN3O2 706779-91-1 Details
Dapagliflozin C21H25ClO6 461432-26-8 Details
Obeticholic Acid C26H44O4 459789-99-2 Details
Atracurium Besylate C65H82N2O18S2 64228-81-5 Details
Mildronate C6H14N2O2 76144-81-5 Details
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