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Company Name:Henan Xiangtong Chemical Co., Ltd.
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CB Index:58
      Company Profile Henan Xiangtong Group consists of Henan Xiangtong Chemical Co., Ltd. and Henan Xiangtong Import and Export Co., Ltd., which is a large-scale fine chemical and chemical raw material manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. Founded in 2009, the company is located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, and is mainly engaged in various solvents such as intermediates, alcohols, ethers and esters. The company's products have passed the ISO-9001 quality system certification, and have the autonomy of import and export operations. The products are exported to dozens of countries and regions such as South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, South Africa, etc., and enjoy high reputation and popularity in the world. The company has a group of professionals engaged in chemical management, production, research and development, trade, the company's products in strict accordance with the requirements of ISO9001, ISO14001, GB/T-28001, the supervision, control and operation of all aspects of production, in order to achieve the perfect combination of social responsibility ,employee health, environmental protection and product quality. Henan Xiangtong Import & Export Co., Ltd. is a chemical raw material import and export enterprise mainly introducing world-class brands. The company specializes in chemical raw materials, additives (fragrance, spices, paints, inks, plastics, food, daily chemical) intermediates and other industries. It has established good cooperative relations with many world-renowned companies such as SKC of South Korea, Dow of the United States and Leander of the United States. It is an agent of related products in the central and western regions of China. Facing more opportunities and challenges in the future, Xiangtong Group will be more innovative and pragmatic, and make unremitting efforts! Xiangtong is willing to cooperate with colleagues from all walks of life at home and abroad to work and develop together!
Product Name MF CAS Details
sulfobutyl ethers C42H70O35 182410-00-0 Details
Zirconyl Acetate C4H6O5Zr 126506-71-6 Details
Ammonium Zirconium Carbonate (AZC) 2(NH4).C2H2O8Zr 68309-95-5 Details
Phenothiazine C12H9NS 92-84-2 Details
Zirconium Sulphate O8S2Zr 14644-61-2 Details
Zirconium Basic Carbonate CH2O7Zr2 57219-64-4 Details
6-Aminocaproic acid C6H13NO2 60-32-2 Details
BETA-CYCLODEXTRIN C42H70O35 7585-39-9 Details
2-Amino-4-chlorobenzoic acid C7H6ClNO2 89-77-0 Details
Zirconium Hydroxide H4O4Zr 14475-63-9 Details
o-Phthalaldehyde C8H6O2 643-79-8 Details
Bendopa C9H11NO4 59-92-7 Details
4-Chloro-3,5-dimethylphenol C8H9ClO 88-04-0 Details
L-Histidine C6H9N3O2 71-00-1 Details
L-Glutamine C5H10N2O3 56-85-9 Details
2-Amino-6-chlorobenzoic acid C7H6ClNO2 2148-56-3 Details
Erythritol C4H10O4 149-32-6 Details
Zirconium dicarbonate CH2O3Zr 36577-48-7 Details
Indole C8H7N 120-72-9 Details
Chloramphenicol C11H12Cl2N2O5 56-75-7 Details
Vanillin C8H8O3 121-33-5 Details
minobutyric acid C4H9NO2 56-12-2 Details
beta-Diphosphopyridine nucleotide C21H27N7O14P2 53-84-9 Details
N- acetylneuraminic acid C11H19NO9 131-48-6 Details
Choline glycerophosphate C8H20NO6P 28319-77-9 Details
Propionyl chloride C3H5ClO 79-03-8 Details
4-Hydroxy-2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-piperidinooxy C9H18NO2* 2226-96-2 Details
3-(Trimethoxysilyl)-1-propanamine C6H17NO3Si 13822-56-5 Details
Etamsylate C10H17NO5S 2624-44-4 Details
2-Methoxy-5-methylaniline C8H11NO 120-71-8 Details
ASCORBYL GLUCOSIDE C12H18O11 129499-78-1 Details
Sodium glycerophosphate C3H7Na2O6P 154804-51-0 Details
D(+)-Tryptophan C11H12N2O2 153-94-6 Details
2-Methyl-1-phenyl-2-propanol C10H14O 100-86-7 Details
Sodium pyruvate C3H3NaO3 113-24-6 Details
lactone benzoate C15H16O5 39746-00-4 Details
Natural Menthol Crystals C10H20O 2216-51-5 Details
Adenosine C10H13N5O4 58-61-7 Details
L-Leucine C6H13NO2 61-90-5 Details
L-Valine C5H11NO2 72-18-4 Details
Riboflavin C17H20N4O6 83-88-5 Details
Glucosamine C6H13NO5 3416-24-8 Details
1,2,3-1H-Triazole C2H3N3 288-36-8 Details
3-[2-(Ethylhexyl)oxyl]-1,2-propandiol C11H24O3 70445-33-9 Details
Cytosine C4H5N3O 71-30-7 Details
Methyl formate C2H4O2 107-31-3 Details
Adenine C5H5N5 73-24-5 Details
Acetonitrile C2H3N 75-05-8 Details
3-methoxydiphenylamine C13H13NO 101-16-6 Details
3-Methoxyphenol C7H8O2 150-19-6 Details
N,N'-di-sec-butyl-1,4-phenylenediamine C14H24N2 101-96-2 Details
2-Methoxyphenothiazine C13H11NOS 1771-18-2 Details
Hydroquinone C6H6O2 123-31-9 Details
Manganese carbonate CMnO3 598-62-9 Details
4-Methoxyphenol C7H8O2 150-76-5 Details
4-(cyclopropyl-oxo-methyl-a.a-dimethylphenyl cyclohexylamine salt 1690344-90-1 Details
L-Carnitine hydrochloride C7H15NO3HCl 10017-44-4 Details
L-Carnitine fumarate C7H15NO3.C4H4O4 90471-79-7 Details
L-carnitine C7H15NO3 541-15-1 Details
L-Carnitine-L-tartrate C11H20NO9- 36687-82-8 Details
2-Acetyl-4-butyramidophenol C12H15NO3 40188-45-2 Details
2,6-DI-O-METHYL-BETA-CYCLODEXTRIN C56H98O35 51166-71-3 Details
Gamma cyclodextrin C48H80O40 17465-86-0 Details
beta-Cyclodextrin methyl ethers C54H94O35 128446-36-6 Details
Hydroxypropyl-γ-cyclodextrin C48H80-nO40.(C3H7O)n 128446-34-4 Details
Acetyl-L-carnitine hydrochloride C9H18ClNO4 5080-50-2 Details
Piroxicam-beta-cyclodextrin C57H83N3O39S 96684-39-8 Details
α-cyclodextrin C36 H60 O30 10016-20-3 Details
2-Hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin C63H112O42 128446-35-5 Details
1,4-Benzoquinone C6H4O2 106-51-4 Details
Tribromobenzene C6H3Br3 626-39-1 Details
4,4'-dithiodimorpholine C8H16N2O2S2 103-34-4 Details
Ethyl tellurac TDEC C20H40N4S8Te 20941-65-5 Details
Antiscorching agent CTP (PVI) C14H15NO2S 17796-82-6 Details
Sodium 2-propylpentanoate C8H15NaO2 1069-66-5 Details
Triphenylphosphine C18H15P 603-35-0 Details
N-N Butyl copper dithiocarbamate(AI-61-P) C18H36CuN2S4 13927-71-4 Details
Rubber Accelerator TETD C10H20N2S4 97-77-8 Details
Gliclazide C15H21N3O3S 21187-98-4 Details
Cupric acetate monohydrate C4H8CuO5 6046-93-1 Details
Taurine C2H7NO3S 107-35-7 Details
Quinaldine C10H9N 91-63-4 Details
Roxithromycin C41H76N2O15 80214-83-1 Details
Zirconium Basic Sulfate (ZBS) O5SZr 52037-76-0 Details
3-Bromoquinoline C9H6BrN 5332-24-1 Details
3-Cyanoquinoline C10H6N2 34846-64-5 Details
1,2,3,4-Tetrahydroquinoline C9H11N 635-46-1 Details
Zirconium Propionate C12H20O8Zr 84057-80-7 Details
4-Hydroxy-2,5-dimethyl-3(2H)furanone C6H8O3 3658-77-3 Details
3-Aminopyrazine-2-carboxylic acid C5H5N3O2 5424-01-1 Details
Methyl isobutyrylacetate C7H12O3 42558-54-3 Details
Methyl 3-oxohexanoate C7H12O3 30414-54-1 Details
Atorvastatin Calcium Intermediates-M4 C26H24FNO3 125971-96-2 Details
methyl 3-Sulfonyl amino-2-thiophenecarboxylate C6H7NO4S2 59337-93-8 Details
2,6-Dihydroxybenzoic acid C7H6O4 303-07-1 Details
2-Amino-5-methylbenzoic acid C8H9NO2 2941-78-8 Details
3-Methyl-2-nitrobenzoic acid C8H7NO4 5437-38-7 Details
Polyether polyol (PPG) C5H10O2 9003-11-6 Details
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