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Company Name:Chengdu Forest Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd.
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      Chengdu Forest Science and Technology Development Co,. Ltd (CFC) was founded in 2006 with vision of synthesizing custom-made fine chemicals with novel technology to speed up chemicals production and cut custom’s cost. ?Our highlighted products are: 2-Methyl nicotinate and its structure related compounds; Pyridine including 4-Bromo-2-amine-pyridin, 2-Amino-5-hydroxy-pyridin; Quinolines including 7-hydroxyquinoline, 4-amino-isoquinoline and their derivatives; Monobenzone and benzyl ethers. ?Collaborating and working closely with top chemistry research institutes in southwest China such as Sichuan University, Chengdu Biological College of Chinese Academy of Sciences and West China University, our company not only offers high quality fine chemicals but also consults custom’s organic synthesis. ?CFC is fast growing and we are looking forward to serving your chemical needs every step of the way.“Now CFC is growing fast, we’d like to seek more development room together with you, and win-win is our philosophy.

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