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Company Name:Winchem Industrial Co. Ltd
Product Total:500
CB Index:55
      Winchem Industrial Co. Ltd is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Dyestuffs and Pigments for textiles, paper, plastics, inks, coating and other industries. Our company located in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, beautiful port city in East China, also near Shanghai seaport with convenient transportation. The major of our products are exported to Europe, North America, South America and Asia etc., and our service and quality are well accepted by the customers. Our lab is equipped with state-of-art instruments to control quality from batch to batch, and can guarantee the quality stable of our products. And most of our products comply with relative legislation to heavy metal content and aromatic amines.
Product Name MF CAS Details
1 Naphthol C10H8O 90-15-3 Details
2,4-DiaMinophenol Sulfate; C6H10N2O5S 74283-34-4 Details
2,4-DiaMinophenoxyethanol HCL; 66422-95-9 Details
2,4-DiaMinophenoxyethanol Sulfate; C8H14N2O6S 70643-20-8 Details
2,5-DiaMinoanisole Sulfate; C7H12N2O5S 66671-82-7 Details
2,5-DiaMinotoluene Sulfate; C7H12N2O4S 615-50-9 Details
2,6-DiaMinopyridine; C5H7N3 141-86-6 Details
2,6-DihydroxyethylaMino Toluene; C11H18N2O2 149330-25-6 Details
2,6-Dinitro-p-Cresol; C7H6N2O5 609-93-8 Details
2-AMino-4-HydroxyethylaMinoanisole sulfate; C9H16N2O6S 83763-48-8 Details
2-AMino-5-Nitrophenol; 121-88-8 Details
2-AMino-6-Chloro-4-Nitrophenol; C6H5ClN2O3 6358-09-4 Details
4-Nitro-M-PhenylenediaMine Sulfate; C6H9N3O6S 68239-83-8 Details
3-AMino-p-Cresol; C7H9NO 2836-00-2 Details
4,5-DiaMino-1-(2-Hydroxyethyl)-1H-Pyrazole Sulfate; C5H12N4O5S 155601-30-2 Details
4-AMino-2-Hydroxytoluene; C7H9NO 2835-95-2 Details
4-AMino-M-Cresol; C7H9NO 2835-99-6 Details
4-Nitro-o-PhenylenediaMine; C6H7N3O2 99-56-9 Details
5-AMino-4-Chloro-o-Cresol; C7H8ClNO 110102-86-8 Details
5-AMino-6-Chloro-o-Cresol; C7H8ClNO 84540-50-1 Details
5-AMino-O-Cresol Sulfate; C7H11NO5S 183293-62-1 Details
5-Nitro-o-Cresol; C7H7NO3 5428-54-6 Details
6-AMino-M-Cresol; C7H9NO 2835-98-5 Details
Acid Balck 1;Black 10B C22H14N6Na2O9S2 1064-48-8 Details
Acid Black 172;Black LD C40H24N6O14S2.Cr.2Na 61847-77-6 Details
Acid Black 194;Black MSRL C20H12N3NaO7S 61931-02-0 Details
Solvent Black 7;Nigrosine Oil Soluble NULL 8005-03-6 Details
Acid Black 24 ;Black BR C36H23N5Na2O6S2 3071-73-6 Details
Acid Black 29;Fast Black M-B 12217-14-0 Details
Acid Black 52;Black WA C60H36Cr2N9Na3O21S3 5610-64-0 Details
Acid Black 60;Grey BL C38H32CrN8O10S2 12218-95-0 Details
Acid Blue 113;Navy Blue 5R C32H21N5Na2O6S2 3351-05-1 Details
Acid Blue 127:1;Milling Blue GW C41H26N4Na2O10S2 12237-86-4 Details
Acid Blue 193;Blue 2R C20H12N2O5S.C20H11N2O5S.Cr.2Na 12392-64-2 Details
Acid Blue 225;Blue 2R 12216-97-6 Details
Acid Blue 25;Blue AS C20H13N2NaO5S 6480-78-1 Details
Acid Blue 260;Brilliant Blue RL 62168-86-9 Details
Acid Blue 277;Blue 4RL C24H22N3NaO8S2 25797-81-3 Details
Acid Blue 284;Navy Blue S2B 61814-66-2 Details
Acid Blue 324;Blue BRLL C22H16N3O6S.Na 88264-80-6 Details
Acid Blue 40;Blue A2G C22H16N3NaO6S 6424-85-7 Details
Acid Blue 62;Brilliant Sky Blue R C20H20N2O5S 4368-56-3 Details
Acid Blue 7;Sky Blue A C37H35N2NaO6S2 3486-30-4 Details
Acid Blue 80;Brilliant Blue RAW C32H28N2Na2O8S2 4474-24-2 Details
Acid Blue 83;Brilliant Blue 6B C45H44N3NaO7S2 6104-59-2 Details
Acid Blue 9;Brilliant Blue FG C37H34N2Na2O9S3 2650-18-2 Details
Acid Blue 90;Brilliant Blue G C47H48N3NaO7S2 6104-58-1 Details
Acid Blue 93;Blue 93 C37H27N3Na2O9S3 28983-56-4 Details
Acid Brown 165;Brown NT 61724-14-9 Details
Acid Brown 282;Dark Brown S-GR 12219-65-7 Details
Acid Brown 4;Brown 4 C16H12N3NaO4S 5858-51-5 Details
Acid Brown 75;Brown ERN C10H9NO7S2 8011-86-7 Details
Acid Green 20;Dark Green B C22H16N6Na2O7S2 5850-39-5 Details
Acid Green 25;Neutral Green GK C28H20N2Na2O8S2 4403-90-1 Details
Acid Green 27;Green GLW C34H32N2O8S2.2Na 6408-57-7 Details
Acid Green 28;Green 5GW C34H32N2Na2O10S2 12217-29-7 Details
Acid Green 73;Olive S-G 12219-93-1 Details
Acid Orange 116;Orange AGT C25H21N4NaO4S 12220-10-9 Details
Acid Orange 154;Orange 2R 133556-24-8 Details
Acid Orange 156 ;Orange 3G C21H19N4NaO5S 68555-86-2 Details
Acid Orange 33;Orange 33 C34H28N4Na2O8S2 6507-77-3 Details
Acid Orange 67;Orange 67 C26H21N4NaO8S2 12220-06-3 Details
Acid Orange 7;Orange II C16H11N2NaO4S 633-96-5 Details
Acid Orange 95;Orange GSN 12217-33-3 Details
Acid Red 1;Red 2G C18H13N3Na2O8S2 3734-67-6 Details
Acid Red 114;Red RS C37H28N4Na2O10S3 6559-94-5 Details
Acid Red 131;Red 3BN 12234-99-0 Details
Acid Red 18;Scarlet 3R C20H11N2Na3O10S3 2611-82-7 Details
Acid Red 249;Brilliant Red B C29H20ClN3Na2O10S3 6416-66-6 Details
Acid Red 266;Red E-BM C17H10ClF3N3NaO4S 57741-47-6 Details
Acid Red 299;Rubine 5BL C26H24N5O5S.Na 12220-29-0 Details
Acid Red 315;Red S-G 12220-47-2 Details
Acid Red 359;Red 359 61814-65-1 Details
Acid Red 361;Fast Red 2B 61931-22-4 Details
Acid Red 374;Scarlet FG C38H29N4Na3O11S3 6507-78-4 Details
Acid Red 405;Red 405 C36H24CrN9O9S.2Na 83833-37-8 Details
Acid Red 42;Red 2B C22H16N3NaO6S2 6245-60-9 Details
Acid Red 52;RhodaMine B 86543-84-2 Details
Acid Red 73;Brilliant Scarlet GR C22H14N4Na2O7S2 5413-75-2 Details
Acid Red 97;Scarlet R C32H20N4Na2O8S2 10169-02-5 Details
Acid Violet 17;Violet 5BN C41H44N3NaO6S2 4129-84-4 Details
Acid Violet 43;Brilliant Violet R C21H14NNaO6S 4430-18-6 Details
Acid Violet 48;Violet FBL C37H38N2Na2O9S2 72243-90-4 Details
Acid Violet 90;Bordeaux MB C40H27CrN8O10S2.2Na 6408-29-3 Details
Acid Yellow 117;Yellow GN C39H30N8O8S2.2Na 6459-70-7 Details
Acid Yellow 151;Yellow LNW C32H30CoN8O10S2 12715-61-6 Details
Acid Yellow 199;Yellow A4R C19H15N4NaO6S 70865-20-2 Details
Acid Yellow 219;Yellow 3RL C20H17N4NaO5S 71819-57-3 Details
Acid Yellow 220;Yellow S-2G C24H18IN4NaO7S 71603-79-7 Details
Acid Yellow 23;Tartrazine NS C16H9N4Na3O9S2 1934-21-0 Details
Acid Yellow 36;Golden Yellow G C18H14N3NaO3S 587-98-4 Details
Acid Yellow 42;Milling Yellow N-SH C32H24N8Na2O8S2 6375-55-9 Details
Acid Yellow 49;Yellow NFG C16H13Cl2N5O3S 12239-15-5 Details
Basic Blue 159;Blue FBL 105953-73-9 Details
Basic Blue 41;Blue X-GRL C20H26N4O6S2 12270-13-2 Details
Basic Blue 7;Victoria Blue BO C33H40N3.Cl 2390-60-5 Details
Basic Blue 9;Methylene Blue 2B C16H18ClN3S 61-73-4 Details
Basic Brown 1;BisMark Brown G C18H20Cl2N8 10114-58-6 Details
Basic Green 4;Malachite Green C23H25ClN2 569-64-2 Details
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