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Company Name:Jiangxi Lotchem Co.,Ltd.
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      JIANGXI LOTCHEM CO.,LTD was founded in 2015, predecessor is mainly engaged in import and export of polymer additives, such as photoinitiators, UV absorber, light stabilizer, antioxidant and optical brightener. In 2015, LOTCHEM set up OEM workshop and established a production, learning and research demonstration base with 985 famous universities in Southwest China in order to customize and synthesize function dyes function dyes—blue light absorber, visible absorb dyes and infrared absorb dyes . After several years of development and precipitation, LOTCHEM has grown into an enterprise of R&D, production, sales and trade. Mainly engaged in polymer additives, product coverage: photoinitiators, blue light absorbers, special functional dyes, ultraviolet absorbers, antioxidants, light stabilizers, fluorescent whitening agents, etc. At present, the polymer has been widely used for replacing the traditional metal, inorganic materials due to the high performance of polymer materials. But aging properties of polymer is poor, which limits the development of polymer materials. In order to improve the aging resistance of polymer materials, Jiangxi Lotchem has sprung up to cater for additives market. We supply kinds of polymer additives, such as UV absorber, light stabilizer, antioxidant, blue light absorber, infrared absorber etc. Depend on strong R&D strength, we develop the forefront of additive products and formula for domestic and foreign customers. The company has a complete and scientific quality management system. Lotchem’s integrity, strength and product quality are accepted by customers. Welcome friends to visit, guidance and business negotiation. Welcome friends around the world together!
Product Name MF CAS Details
Blue light absorber B-801 Details
LOTSORB UV Q21 Details
LOTNOX PEPQ C68H92O4P2 119345-01-6 Details
LOTNOX AN 1222 C19H33O4P 976-56-7 Details
LOTSORB UV 328 C22H29N3O 25973-55-1 Details
LOTSORB UV 3035 C18H15NO2 5232-99-5 Details
LOTSORB UV 3039 C24H27NO2 6197-30-4 Details
Homosalate C16H22O3 118-56-9 Details
Blue light absorber B-800 Details
LOTSORB UV 360 C41H50N6O2 103597-45-1 Details
LOTSORB PR 31 C31H48N2O5 147783-69-5 Details
LOTNOX AN 1010 C73H108O12 6683-19-8 Details
LOTNOX AN 1076 C35H62O3 2082-79-3 Details
LOTNOX HP-136 C24H30O2 181314-48-7 Details
LOTNOX AN 1790 C42H57N3O6 40601-76-1 Details
LOTNOX AN 245 C34H50O8 36443-68-2 Details
LOTSORB UV 312;VSU;N-(2-Ethoxyphenyl)-N'-(4-ethylphenyl)-ethlyene diamide C18H20N2O3 23949-66-8 Details
LOTSORB UVAPLUS; DHHB C24H31NO4 302776-68-7 Details
LOTSORB LS 622 C7H15NO 65447-77-0 Details
LOTSORB UV 2020 192268-64-7 Details
DSTDP C42H82O4S 693-36-7 Details
LOTNOX AN 4152 C37H56O3 123968-25-2 Details
Anti-Yellowing HN 150; C19H26N6O2 85095-61-0 Details
LOTSORB UV 234 C30H29N3O 70321-86-7 Details
LOTSORB UV 326 Details
LOTSORB UV 3638 C22H12N2O4 18600-59-4 Details
LOTSORB BP-8 C14H12O4 131-53-3 Details
LOTSORB BP-9 C15H12Na2O11S2 76656-36-5 Details
LOTSORB UV 400 C81H108N6O8 153519-44-9 Details
LOTSORB LS 3853PP5 Details
LOTNOX AN 168 C42H63O3P 31570-04-4 Details
LOTNOX AO 38 C32H51O3P 145650-60-8 Details
LOTNOX PEP-36 C35H54O6P2 80693-00-1 Details
LOTNOX AN1330 C54H78O3 1709-70-2 Details
LOTSORB UV 1164 C33H39N3O2 2725-22-6 Details
LOTNOX AN 1520 C25H44OS2 110553-27-0 Details
DLTDP C30H58O4S 123-28-4 Details
LOTNOX AN SEED C26H42N4O2 42774-15-2 Details
LOTNOX AN 3114 C48H69N3O6 27676-62-6 Details
LOTNOX AN 5057 C20H27N 68411-46-1 Details
Blue light absorber B-60 Details
LOTSORB UV 120;Benzoic acid,3,5-bis(1,1-dimethylethyl)-4-hydroxy-, 2,4-bis(1,1-dimethylethyl)phenyl ester C29H42O3 4221-80-1 Details
LOTSORB UV 2908 C31H54O3 67845-93-6 Details
LOTSORB UV 3346 C7H8Cl2N4O 82451-48-7 Details
LOTSORB BP-1 C13H10O3 131-56-6 Details
LOTSORB BP-4 C14H12O6S 4065-45-6 Details
LOTSORB LS 944 C35H69Cl3N8 71878-19-8 Details
LOTNOX AN 1035 C38H58O6S 41484-35-9 Details
LOTNOX AN 1135 C25H42O3 125643-61-0 Details
LOTSORB UV 1 C17H18N2O2 57834-33-0 Details
LOTSROB UV 3030 C69H48N4O8 178671-58-4 Details
LOTSORB UV PR25 C13H14O5 7443-25-6 Details
LOTSORB UV 531 C21H26O3 1843-05-6 Details
Octyl 4-methoxycinnamate;OMC C18H26O3 5466-77-3 Details
LOTSORB LS 791 Details
LOTNOX AN 1098 C40H64N2O4 23128-74-7 Details
LOTNOX AN 9228 C53H58O6P2 154862-43-8 Details
LOTSORB UV 1084 C32H51NNiO2S 14516-71-3 Details
LOTSORB B75;UV B75 Details
LOTSORB UV 1130 H(OCH2CH2)nOH 104810-48-2 Details
Blue light absorber B-30 Details
Blue light absorber UV-430 Details
LOTSORB UV 1577 C27H27N3O2 147315-50-2 Details
LOTSORB UV 4050 Details
LOTSORB LS 144 C42H72N2O5 63843-89-0 Details
LOTNOX AN 565 C33H56N4OS2 991-84-4 Details
LOTSORB UVT-150 C48H66N6O6 88122-99-0 Details
LOTSORB UV 384-2 C27H39N3O3 127519-17-9 Details
LOTSORB UV 627 C38H49N3O5 187393-00-6 Details
LOTNOX AN 626 C33H50O6P2 26741-53-7 Details
Anti-Yellowing HN130;4,4'-Hexamethylenebis(1,1-dimethylsemicarbazide) C12H28N6O2 69938-76-7 Details
LOTSORB UV P C13H11N3O 2440-22-4 Details
LOTSORB NP3 C26H26N2O4 586400-06-8 Details
LOTSORB BP-2 C13H10O5 131-55-5 Details
LOTSORB BP-3 C14H12O3 131-57-7 Details
LOTNOX AN 1024MD C34H52N2O4 32687-78-8 Details
LOTNOX AN 3052 C26H34O3 61167-58-6 Details
LOTSORB LS 770 C28H52N2O4 52829-07-9 Details
Blue light absorber FV-100 Details
LOTSORB UV 327 C20H24ClN3O 3864-99-1 Details
LOTSORB UV 5151 Details
Avobenzone C20H22O3 70356-09-1 Details
LOTSORB LS 783 Details
LOTNOX AO 80 C43H64O10 90498-90-1 Details
LOTSORB BP-6 C15 H14 O5 131-54-4 Details
LOTSORB UV 928 C29H35N3O 73936-91-1 Details
2-Ethylhexyl salicylate C15H22O3 118-60-5 Details
LOTSORB LS 123 C44H84N2O6 129757-67-1 Details
LOTNOX AN 1425 C34H54CaO8P2-2 65140-91-2 Details
LOTNOX AN 412S C65H124O8S4 29598-76-3 Details
Blue light absorber B-80 Details
LOTSORB UV 329 C20H25N3O 3147-75-9 Details
LOTNOX AN 616 C21H28O 68610-51-5 Details
LOTSORB UV 320 C20H25N3O 3846-71-7 Details
LOTSORB LS 292 Details
LOTSORB LS 119 C132H250N32 106990-43-6 Details
LOTNOX AN 1726 C33H60OS2 110675-26-8 Details
LOTSORB UV 988 C22H26O8 6337-43-5 Details
UV ABSORBER 571 C25H35N3O 125304-04-3 Details
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