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      XiaoGan ShenYuan Chemical Co., LTD. (SYCC ) is located in XiaoGancity .hubei province . It is a high tech enterprise not only with a collection of pharmaceutical intermediates research, development, technology transfer, and high value-added products, but also with many international suppliers established close partnership. The company has a skilled and experienced specialized in pharmaceutical intermediates research development, quality control and application technology, service and promotion of scientific and technical personnel team, and with the domestic many universities and research institutes based on a wide range of cooperation, equipped with advanced testing instruments and equipment, experimental condition is superior, according to national industrial policies, in view of the current domestic and international cutting-edge technology and the market demand, the enhancing product quality, and on the basis of simultaneously ,It has strengthened and chemical products research and development efforts, to meet the needs of pharmaceutical intermediates processing. After years of development, It has been formed organic raw materials and pharmaceutical intermediates and so on several series about 100 kinds of products. Several products have sold at home and abroad, it has high prestige and competitive power, and provides a high quality, efficient and humane professional services for the chemistry boundary. Through mutual close, achieve reciprocal advantages, it Promote a common development.
Company Name:xiaogan shenyuan chempharm co.ltd

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