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      Our company is engaged in production and sales of plant extract, food additives, pharmaceutical intermediates and other Chemical materials. Our management principle is integrity based, win-win and solidarity cooperation, innovative development. We have advanced production and testing equipment,professional management team and perfect after-sales service system to ensure the best quality product for the customer. Our company is located in Hengshui city, Hebei province, near Beijing and Tianjin port, Superior geographical location and convenient transportation. Through years of development, we strengthen cooperation with demestic chemical research institutions, own multiple production bases. Our products exported to America, Korea, Japan, Germany, Finland, Malaysia and other countries and regions and favored by customers. Our main product included CBD series, coenzyme products, collagen peptide, astaxanthin, silicon monoxide, silicon dioxide and other fine chemical products. Our products are widely used in food, medicine, cosmetics, pesticides, electronics industry and other fields. For the development of the company we will continue to work hard to develop more products to meet customers' needs and win more customers' trust with product and service quality. Integrity is the basis of enterprise development, innovation is the power of enterprise development. We always put integrity in the first, customer’s satisfaction is our constant pursuit, We sincerely look forward to have the opportunity to communicate and cooperate with you, and hope that our products and services can get your satisfaction.
Product Name MF CAS Details
paprika oleoresin W-99 8023-77-6 Details
Clothianidin C6H8ClN5O2S 205510-53-8 Details
Lutein C40H56O2 127-40-2 Details
Thiamethoxam C8H10ClN5O3S 153719-23-4 Details
Cyanuric acid C3H3N3O3 108-80-5 Details
melamine C3H6N6 108-78-1 Details
Caustic hydrochloride C5H12ClNO2 590-46-5 Details
Doripenem side-chain C20H28N4O9S2 491878-06-9 Details
(S)-[1-(3-Mercapto-1-pyrrolidinyl)ethylidene]carbamic acid (4-nitrophenyl)methyl ester C14H17N3O4S 90505-36-5 Details
3-[[[(2S,4S)-4-Mercapto-1-(4-nitrobenzyloxy)carbonyl-2-pyrrolidinyl]carbonyl]amino]benzoic acid C20H19N3O7S 202467-69-4 Details
caprolactam C6H11NO 105-60-2 Details
6,7-Dihydro-6-mercapto-5H-pyrazolo[1,2-a][1,2,4]triazolium chloride C5H8ClN3S 153851-71-9 Details
Side chain for meropenem C15H19N3O5S 96034-64-9 Details
3-Fluoro-4-cyanophenol C7H4FNO 82380-18-5 Details
N-Acetyl-L-hydroxyproline C7H11NO4 33996-33-7 Details
L-Proline C5H9NO2 147-85-3 Details
Polyethylene wax C2H4 9002-88-4 Details
Zinc White nanometer OZn 1314-13-2 Details
Zinc carbonate CO3Zn 3486-35-9 Details
Salicylic acid C7H6O3 69-72-7 Details
1,3-Dimethyladamantane C12H20 702-79-4 Details
3-(2-Chloro-6-fluorophenyl)-5-methylisoxazole-4-carbonyl chloride C11H6Cl2FNO2 69399-79-7 Details
3-(2,6-Dichlorophenyl)-5-methylisoxazole-4-carbonyl chloride C11H6Cl3NO2 4462-55-9 Details
3-(2-chlorobenzyl) -5-methyl-4-isooxazolide chloride C11H7Cl2NO2 25629-50-9 Details
5-Methyl-3-phenylisoxazole-4-carbonyl chloride C11H8ClNO2 16883-16-2 Details
4-Aminobenzoic acid C7H7NO2 150-13-0 Details
2,4,5-Triamino-6-hydroxypyrimidine sulfate C4H9N5O5S 35011-47-3 Details
L-Cysteine hydrochloride anhydrous C3H8ClNO2S 52-89-1 Details
L-Cysteine hydrochloride monohydrate C3H10ClNO3S 7048-04-6 Details
Salicylonitrile C7H5NO 611-20-1 Details
D(+)-Tryptophan C11H12N2O2 153-94-6 Details
1,3-Dimethyl-2-imidazolidinone C5H10N2O 80-73-9 Details
Succinic anhydride C4H4O3 108-30-5 Details
Ethyleneurea C3H6N2O 120-93-4 Details
1-(2-Hydroxyethyl)-2-imidazolidinone C5H10N2O2 3699-54-5 Details
Daidzein C15H10O4 486-66-8 Details
4-Hydroxyphenylacetic acid C8H8O3 156-38-7 Details
Imidazolidinylurea C11H16N8O8 39236-46-9 Details
4-Hydroxybenzeneacetamide C8H9NO2 17194-82-0 Details
Genistein C15H10O5 446-72-0 Details
D(-)-alpha-Phenylglycine C8H9NO2 875-74-1 Details
Neodecanoic acid C10H20O2 26896-20-8 Details
Azoxystrobin C22H17N3O5 131860-33-8 Details
Folic acid C19H19N7O6 59-30-3 Details
Sodium 2-ethylhexanoate C8H15NaO2 19766-89-3 Details
m-nitrobenzaldehyde C7H5NO3 99-61-6 Details
4-Amino-m-cresol C7H9NO 2835-99-6 Details
Dimethyl thio-toluene diamine(DMTDA) C9H12N2S 106264-79-3 Details
L-Threonine C4H9NO3 6028-28-0 Details
N-(4-Aminobenzoyl)-L-glutamic acid C12H14N2O5 4271-30-1 Details
Triacetonamine C9H17NO 826-36-8 Details
2, 2, 6, 6 - Tetramethyl - 4 - Piperidinol C9H19NO 2403-88-5 Details
1,2,2,6,6-pentamethyl-4-Piperidinol C10H21NO 2403-89-6 Details
DiMethyl sebacate C12H22O4 106-79-6 Details
Glycine C2H5NO2 56-40-6 Details
phenoxyacetic acid C8H8O3 122-59-8 Details
Methoxymethyl)triphenylphosphonium chloride C20H20ClOP 4009-98-7 Details
Methyltriphenylphosphonium bromide C19H18BrP 1779-49-3 Details
(Ethyl)triphenylphosphonium bromide C20H20BrP 1530-32-1 Details
L-Lysine monohydrochloride C6H14N2O2.ClH 657-27-2 Details
L-Alanine C3H7NO2 56-41-7 Details
DL-Alanine C3H7NO2 302-72-7 Details
L-Threonine C4H9NO3 72-19-5 Details
D(-)-4-Hydroxyphenylglycine C8H9NO3 22818-40-2 Details
Biapenem C15H18N4O4S 120410-24-4 Details
Neodecanoicacid C20H38O4Sn 49556-16-3 Details
Decyl Glycoside APG0810 C16H32O6 68515-73-1 Details
2-(trifluoroMethyl)benzene sulfonyl chlorie C7H4ClF3O2S 776-04-5 Details
4-(trifluoroMethyl)benzene sulfonyl chlorie C7H4ClF3O2S 2991-42-6 Details
4-nitro-3-(trifluoroMethyl)aniline C7H5F3N2O2 393-11-3 Details
Sucralose C12H19Cl3O8 56038-13-2 Details
Basic Blue 26 C33H32ClN3 2580-56-5 Details
methylene blue trihydrate C16H24ClN3O3S 7220-79-3 Details
Allantoin C4H6N4O3 97-59-6 Details
Basic Red 1 C28H31ClN2O3 989-38-8 Details
Basic Blue 9 C16H18ClN3S 61-73-4 Details
Brilliant Green, Basic green 1 C27H34N2O4S 633-03-4 Details
Gentian Violet, Crystal violet C25H30ClN3 548-62-9 Details
Methyl violet BB, Basic violet 1 C24H28ClN3 8004-87-3 Details
Basic Blue 7 C33H40ClN3 2390-60-5 Details
Betaine C5H11NO2 107-43-7 Details
1,10-Diaminodecane C10H24N2 646-25-3 Details
Serinol C3H9NO2 534-03-2 Details
Piperazine anhydrous C4H10N2 110-85-0 Details
Curcumin C21H20O6 458-37-7 Details
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