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Company Name:Zhejiang Huida Biotech Co., LTD
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      Huida Biotech Co., Ltd. was established in 2020, headquartered in Hangzhou, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Huadong Medicine. The company focuses on the research & development and scaling up of pharmaceutical active substances, intermediates or big health products from microbial fermentation, and is a scientific and technological innovative oriented enterprise. Huida Biotech, a subsidiary of Huadong Medicine, is engaged in the research & development, and scaling up of microbial fermentation products. Huida has established powerful synthetic biology and fermentation platforms to produce high-quality, rare and costly ingredients. Huida's main R & D pipeline includes ADCs compounds, Antitumor natural compounds, Antibacterial compounds, Antifungal compounds, Enlarged health products including animal health products, etc. Huida's main R & D site is located in Xiangfuqiao, Hangzhou, the area exceeds 2,000 m2 , Huida has 42 employees, and more than 200 Huadong R & D employees serve Huida.
Product Name MF CAS Details
N1-Methylpseudouridine C10H14N2O6 13860-38-3 Details
5-Ethynyl-2’-deoxyuridine C11H12N2O5 61135-33-9 Details
MC-Val-Cit-PAB C28H40N6O7 159857-80-4 Details
MMAE C39H67N5O7 474645-27-7 Details
Polyoxin D C17H23N5O14 22976-86-9 Details
3’-O-MOE-G C13H19N5O6 256224-03-0 Details
Brefeldin A C16H24O4 20350-15-6 Details
Netropsin C18H26N10O3 1438-30-8 Details
Thailanstatin A C28H41NO9 1426953-21-0 Details
pactamycin C28H38N4O8 23668-11-3 Details
rhodomycin 1401-16-7 Details
Tallysomycins C132H212N42O53S4 67995-68-0 Details
Plitidepsin C57H87N7O15 137219-37-5 Details
Gramicidin C99H140N20O17 1405-97-6 Details
3’-OMe-5-Methyl-U C11H16N2O6 2305415-87-4 Details
Bafilomycin 151499-39-7 Details
moenomycin C69H107N4O35P 11015-37-5 Details
Illudin M C15H20O3 1146-04-9 Details
Berubicin C34H35NO11 677017-23-1 Details
DM4 C38H54ClN3O10S 796073-69-3 Details
3’-OMe-U C10H14N2O6 6038-59-1 Details
dCMP·H2 C9H14N3O7P 1032-65-1 Details
Kirromycin C43H60N2O12 50935-71-2 Details
Porfiromycin C16H20N4O5 801-52-5 Details
Jadomycin B C30H31NO9 149633-99-8 Details
3’-OMe-C C10H15N3O5 20594-00-7 Details
Olivomycin C45H64O21 11006-70-5 Details
2'-Fluoro-2'-deoxyuridine C9H11FN2O5 784-71-4 Details
Rezafungin C63H85N8O17+ 1396640-59-7 Details
Nogalamycin C39H49NO16 1404-15-5 Details
tyrocidine C66H87N13O13 8011-61-8 Details
Ansamitocin P-0 C28H37ClN2O8 57103-68-1 Details
Tunicamycin C37H60N4O16 11089-65-9 Details
Ansamitocin P-3 C32H43ClN2O9 66584-72-3 Details
Nigericin C40H68O11 28380-24-7 Details
Apicidin C34H49N5O6 183506-66-3 Details
N1-Methylpseudo-UTP C10H17N2O15P3 1428903-59-6 Details
Stambomycin A 1263082-06-9 Details
2'-Fluoro-2'-Deoxyguanosine C10H12FN5O4 78842-13-4 Details
SN-38 C22H20N2O5 86639-52-3 Details
Cerulenin C12H17NO3 17397-89-6 Details
Anisomycin C14H19NO4 22862-76-6 Details
Aflatoxin B1 C17H12O6 1162-65-8 Details
Puromycin aminonucleoside C12H18N6O3 58-60-6 Details
Neocarzinostatin 9014-02-2 Details
oleandomycin C35H61NO12 3922-90-5 Details
talisomycin C68H110N22O27S2 65057-90-1 Details
ExatecanMesylate C25H26FN3O7S 169869-90-3 Details
S)-2-(N-Methyl-3-(Methyldisulfanyl)propanaMido)propanoic acid C8H15NO3S2 138148-62-6 Details
MMAF C39H65N5O8 745017-94-1 Details
DM1-SMCC C51H66ClN5O16S 1228105-51-8 Details
Mc-Val-Ala-PAB C25H34N4O6 1870916-87-2 Details
dGMP·(Na·salt) C10H12N5Na2O7P 33430-61-4 Details
Echinomycin C51H64N12O12S2 512-64-1 Details
pseudouridimycin C17H26N8O9 1566586-52-4 Details
SMCC C16H18N2O6 64987-85-5 Details
Pseudouridine C9H12N2O6 1445-07-4 Details
Siomycin C71H81N19O18S5 11017-43-9 Details
subtilosin A C129H208N36O41S3 98914-01-3 Details
Atpenin A5 C15H21Cl2NO5 119509-24-9 Details
2'-Deoxyadenosine C10H13N5O3 958-09-8 Details
Irofulven C15H18O3 158440-71-2 Details
Marizomib C15H20ClNO4 437742-34-2 Details
DM1 C35H48ClN3O10S 139504-50-0 Details
sulfo-SPDB C13H14N2O7S3 1193111-39-5 Details
5-Iodo-2’-deoxyuridine C9H11IN2O5 54-42-2 Details
Megalomicin 129428-69-9 Details
Aureobasidin A C60H92N8O11 127785-64-2 Details
3'-O-methylguanosine C11H15N5O5 ?10300-27-3 Details
Balhimycin C66H73Cl2N9O24 140932-79-2 Details
2'-Fluoro-2'-Deoxycytidine C9H12FN3O4 10212-20-1 Details
Dynemicin 124759-75-7 Details
2'-Fluoro-2'-Deoxyadenosine C10H12FN5O3 64183-27-3 Details
3’-OMe-A C11H15N5O4 10300-22-8 Details
naphthomycin A C40H46ClNO9 55557-40-9 Details
Mithramycin C52H76O24 18378-89-7 Details
1-deoxynojirimycin C6H13NO4 19130-96-2 Details
Illudin S C15H20O4 1149-99-1 Details
Phleomycin C55H86N20O21S2 11006-33-0 Details
Auristatin F C40H67N5O8 163768-50-1 Details
dTMP(Na·salt) C10H13N2Na2O8P 33430-62-5 Details
Dov-Val-Dil-OH. TFA C22H43N3O5 133120-89-5 Details
dAMP·(Na·salt) C10H15N5NaO6P 2922-74-9 Details
dUMP·(Na·salt) C9H11N2Na2O8P 42155-08-8 Details
Leptomycin B C33H48O6 87081-35-4 Details
N6-Methyladenosine C11H15N5O4 1867-73-8 Details
dAMP·H2 C10H14N5O6P 653-63-4 Details
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