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      Wuhan Monad Medicine Tech Co.,LTD is a research and development, production, sales in one high-tech company, own about 100 kinds of products, can provide about more than 30000 kinds of products. Mainly involves API, pharmaceutical intermediates and natural extract etc. For many years, the skill with international leading product research and development technology and advanced transnational enterprise management pattern, for global in more than 100 countries nearly 1000 companies continue to offer high quality products and service, and has been with the world 500 strong pharmaceutical and biotechnology company keep the strategic cooperative partnership. The company has a fine chemical and largest chemical production base, with perfect quality assurance system and perfect quality control system; Have many sets of high pressure liquid chromatography,gaschromatographyandultravioletspectrophotometer, the quality of product effective analysis and monitoring. The company has passed ISO9001 quality system certification. With import and export right, have dangerous goods business license, apply for through the three yi-drug purchase and management. All personnel of the company are have bachelor degree or above, majoring in own r&d center, test base and production base, the employee of the company from a senior engineer or engineer titles of senior technical staff and technicians, laboratory assistant, etc better echelon. In the New Year, we will continue to uphold the "honest labor, sincere service, the good faith society, constant innovation," the purpose, with the first-class products and high quality services to meet the market demand, Is dedicated to domestic partners and international well-known enterprise together hand in hand, create a better future.
Product Name MF CAS Details
1-Phenyl-2-nitropropene C9H9NO2 705-60-2 Details
N-(tert-Butoxycarbonyl)-4-piperidone C10H17NO3 79099-07-3 Details
2-Bromovalerophenone C11H13BrO 49851-31-2 Details
Tetracaine hydrochloride C15H25ClN2O2 136-47-0 Details
2-Bromo-4-Methylpropiophenone C10H11BrO 1451-82-7 Details
Tetracaine C15H24N2O2 94-24-6 Details
Valerophenone C11H14O 1009-14-9 Details
Xylazine hcl C12H17ClN2S 23076-35-9 Details
1,3-dimethyladamantane C12H20 702-79-4 Details
Ethephon C2H6ClO3P 16672-87-0 Details
Phenacetin C10H13NO2 62-44-2 Details
2, 5-Dimethoxybenzaldehyde C9H10O3 93-02-7 Details
1-Tetralone C10H10O 529-34-0 Details
Gamma-butyrolactone (GBL) C4H6O2 110-63-1 Details
2-Bromoethy Benzene C8H9Br 103-63-9 Details
Benzocaine C9H11NO2 94-09-7 Details
Prilocaine Hcl C13H21ClN2O 1786-81-8 Details
Tadalafil C22H19N3O4 171596-29-5 Details
Pregabalin C8H17NO2 148553-50-8 Details
Levamisole C11H12N2S 14769-73-4 Details
Lidocaine HCl C14H23ClN2O 73-78-9 Details
bmk oil C12H14O3 5413-05-8 Details
Diltiazem C22H26N2O4S 42399-41-7 Details
L-Epinephrine hydrochloride C9H14ClNO3 55-31-2 Details
2-iodo-1-p-tolyl-propan-1-one C10H11IO 236117-38-7 Details
Boric acid BH3O3 11113-50-1 Details
Tetramisole hydrochloride C11H13ClN2S 5086-74-8 Details
procaine C13H20N2O2 59-46-1 Details
4-Aminoacetophenone C8H9NO 99-92-3 Details
NADP C21H28N7O17P3 53-59-8 Details
Win 35428 C16H20FNO2 50370-56-4 Details
Cinchocaine C20H29N3O2 85-79-0 Details
Paracetamol C8H9NO2 103-90-2 Details
NADH C21H30N7NaO14P2 606-68-8 Details
Sodium persulfate Na2O8S2 7775-27-1 Details
NAD C21H27N7O14P2 53-84-9 Details
Epinephrine bitartrate C13H19NO9 51-42-3 Details
Stearic acid C21H25ClN2O4S 66981-73-5 Details
Ropivacaine Hcl C17H27ClN2O 98717-15-8 Details
Vitamin K1 C31H46O2 84-80-0 Details
4,5-Dimethoxy-2-methylaniline C9H13NO2 41864-45-3 Details
4,5-Dichloro-2-octyl-isothiazolone C11H17Cl2NOS 64359-81-5 Details
1,4-Butanediol C4H10O2 110-63-4 Details
Stearic acid C18H36O2 57-11-4 Details
Trichlormethiazide C8H8Cl3N3O4S2 133-67-5 Details
Vitamin B12 C63H88CoN14O14P 68-19-9 Details
1-Bromo-3,5-dimethyladamantane C12H19Br 941-37-7 Details
Potassium persulfate C11H15N2O8P 1094-61-7 Details
Vardenafil C23H33ClN6O4S 224785-91-5 Details
4-Methoxybenzoic acid C8H8O3 100-09-4 Details
Zinc diethylenetriaminepentaacetate C14H18N3O10Zn-3 23759-24-2 Details
Diltiazem Hcl C22H27ClN2O4S 33286-22-5 Details
NADPH C21H31N7NaO17P3 2646-71-1 Details
3,4-Dihydroxybenzaldehyde C7H6O3 139-85-5 Details
Silicon dioxide O2Si 7631-86-9 Details
3-(trimethoxysilyl) propyldimethyloctadecyl C20H30ClN3O2 61-12-1 Details
Sodium Cyanoborohydride CH3BNNa 25895-60-7 Details
4-Amino-1-Boc-Piperidine C10H20N2O2 87120-72-7 Details
Articaine C13H20N2O3S 23964-58-1 Details
Benzyl Benzoate/BB C14H12O2 120-51-4 Details
Benzylisopropylamine C10H15N 102-97-6 Details
Dimethocaine Hydrochloride C16H26N2O2.ClH 553-63-9 Details
Dimethocaine C16H26N2O2 94-15-5 Details
Chitosan C6H11NO4X2 9012-76-4 Details
4,5-dimethoxy-2-nitrotoluene C9H11NO4 7509-11-7 Details
Tetracycline HCl C22H25ClN2O8 64-75-5 Details
benzyl chloride C7H7Cl 100-44-7 Details
Sildenafil C22H30N6O4S 139755-83-2 Details
3-Bromopropyne C3H3Br 106-96-7 Details
tert-butyl 4-(4-fluoroanilino)piperidine-1-carboxylate C16H23FN2O2 288573-56-8 Details
Oxiracetam C6H10N2O3 62613-82-5 Details
4-Methyl-2-oxovaleric acid calcium C6H12CaO3 51828-95-6 Details
Nicotinamide Riboside C11H15N2O5+ 1341-23-7 Details
Nikethamide C10H14N2O 59-26-7 Details
Benzyl alcohol C7H8O 100-51-6 Details
Dapoxetine C21H23NO 119356-77-3 Details
4-Chloropyrido[3,2-d]pyrimidine C7H4ClN3 51674-77-2 Details
Avobenzone C20H22O3 70356-09-1 Details
Potassium iodate IKO3 7758-05-6 Details
(3S)-4-Benzyl-5-oxomorpholine-3-carboxylic acid C12H13NO4 106973-37-9 Details
Tetracycline C22H24N2O8 60-54-8 Details
lufenuron C17H8Cl2F8N2O3 103055-07-8 Details
Dapoxetine Hydrochloride C21H23NO·HCl 129938-20-1 Details
Methylamine hydrochloride CH5N.ClH 593-51-1 Details
Minoxidil C9H15N5O 38304-91-5 Details
2-Amino-4,5-dimethoxybenzoic acid C9H11NO4 5653-40-7 Details
Cannabidiol CBD powder/ oil C21H30O2 13956-29-1 Details
irane,2-(chloromethyl)-, (2S)- C3H5ClO 67843-74-7 Details
Btms 50 C26H57NO4S 81646-13-1 Details
4-Methylpropiophenone C10H12O 5337-93-9 Details
Prilocaine C13H20N2O 721-50-6 Details
Quinine Dihydrochloride C20H26Cl2N2O2 60-93-5 Details
4-Methoxybenzoyl chloride C8H7ClO2 100-07-2 Details
Lidocaine C14H22N2O 137-58-6 Details
Trimethyl orthobenzoate C10H14O3 707-07-3 Details
Tianeptine Sodium Salt C21H24ClN2NaO4S 30123-17-2 Details
4-Butylresorcinol C10H14O2 18979-61-8 Details
Bis(cyclopenta-1,3-diene)bis(1-(2,4-difluorophenyl)-3H-pyrrol-3-yl)titanium C30H12F4N2Ti 125051-32-3 Details
Ethyl (2,4,6-trimethylbenzoyl) phenylphosphinate C18H21O3P 84434-11-7 Details
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