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      Meihua Biological Technology Co.,Ltd, is a global trading company, has been focusing on developing and manufacturing of advanced fine chemical and multiple intermediates. we are all members devoted to working in the filed for seven years. Rich experience gives us great enlightenments in founding of enterprise Meihua Biological Technology Co.,Ltd ,was established on the ground in 2011, is a collection, production, assay and sales into an integrated trading company in one of professional service and exported enterprise. As a mature manufacture, we have rigorous process flow. All final products come to us only by passing HPLC or GC assay. Through 30 procedures in all, we concentrate on every one gram of quality and every one milliliter of purity to your trust. We customize organic material,biochemical reagents,fine chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, OLED intermediates, liquid crystal intermediates and glucosides for customers, with high quality, competitive price, professional service and reliable source, and hundreds of species to choose. Such as 4-MPD/5F-ADB/2F-DCK/BK-EBDP/FUB-AMB/ADBF and so on, and new productions including 4433-77-6(BMK)/13605-48-6(PMK)16648-44-5(Benzeneacetic Acid ) etc. Of course, we support various transportation and safe payment. We are aiming at becoming a leading manufacture and trading company in China, even global. We are looking forward to establishing long-term cooperation relationship with customers in the word. We sincerely welcome to contact with us. For more information, please visit our website at
Product Name MF CAS Details
Benzeneacetic acid,CAS:16648-44-5 C11H12O3 16648-44-5 Details
2-bromo-1-(4-methylphenyl)propan-1-one C10H11BrO 1451-82-7 Details
2-bromo-1-(4-chlorophenyl)propan-1-one C9H8BrClO 877-37-2 Details
10-DAB C29H36O10 32981-86-5 Details
Amygdalin,Email:,Whatsapp: +8613143490630,skype: +8617093282425 C20H27NO11 29883-15-6 Details
Testosterone Propionate,Email:,Whatsapp: +8613143490630,skype: +8617093282425 C22H32O3 57-85-2 Details
Testosterone Enanthate,Email:,Whatsapp: +8613143490630,skype: +8617093282425 C26H40O3 315-37-7 Details
Testosterone Cypionate,Email:,Whatsapp: +8613143490630,skype: +8617093282425 C27H40O3 58-20-8 Details
4-Amino-3,5-dichlorophenacylbromide C8H6BrCl2NO 37148-47-3 Details
Paclitaxel C47H51NO14 33069-62-4 Details
Formestane,Email:,Whatsapp: +8613143490630,skype: +8617093282425 C19H26O3 566-48-3 Details
puerarin Skype/Whatsapp No.:+8615175972705 C21H20O10 3681-99-0 Details
Galangin Skype/Whatsapp No.:+8615175972705 C15H10O5 548-83-4 Details
Tetrandrine Email: Skype/Whatsapp No.:+8615175972705 C38H42N2O6 518-34-3 Details
Hydrocortisone C21H30O5 50-23-7 Details
Cardamonin C16H14O4 19309-14-9 Details
Pinocembrin C15H12O4 480-39-7 Details
Alpinetin C16H14O4 36052-37-6 Details
Idebenone C19H30O5 58186-27-9 Details
Minoxidil C9H15N5O 38304-91-5 Details
Decitabine C8H12N4O4 2353-33-5 Details
Glutathione C20H32N6O12S2 70-18-8 Details
methyl 5-aminolevulinate hydrochloride,Methyl 5-ALA C6H12ClNO3 79416-27-6 Details
5-ALA,5-Aminolevulinic Acid Hydrochloride C5H10ClNO3 5451-09-2 Details
D-Pinitol C7H14O6 10284-63-6 Details
Dexamethasone C22H29FO5 50-02-2 Details
Progesterone C21H30O2 57-83-0 Details
4-Amino-3,5-dichloroacetophenone C8H7Cl2NO 37148-48-4 Details
11b-Hydroxyandrost-4-ene-3,17-dione C19H26O3 564-33-0 Details
21-hydroxy-20-methylpregn-4-en-3-one C22H34O2 60966-36-1 Details
Cordycepin C10H13N5O3 73-03-0 Details
Testosterone C19H28O2 58-22-0 Details
Nobiletin C21H22O8 478-01-3 Details
Testosterone phenylpropionate C28H36O3 1255-49-8 Details
Testosterone decanoate C29H46O3 5721-91-5 Details
Apigenin C15H10O5 520-36-5 Details
Testosterone isocaproate C25H38O3 15262-86-9 Details
Testosterone acetate C21H30O3 1045-69-8 Details
17 β-Estradiol C18H24O2 50-28-2 Details
Testosterone undecanoate C30H48O3 5949-44-0 Details
Naphazoline hydrochloride C14H15ClN2 550-99-2 Details
Bis(4-fluorophenyl)-methanone C13H8F2O 345-92-6 Details
Androstenedione C19H26O2 63-05-8 Details
Androsta-1,4-diene-3,17-dione C19H24O2 897-06-3 Details
Cytisine C11H14N2O 485-35-8 Details
9-hydroxy-4-androstene-3,17-dione C19H26O3 560-62-3 Details
drospirenone C24H30O3 67392-87-4 Details
mifepristone C29H35NO2 84371-65-3 Details
norethisterone C20H26O2 68-22-4 Details
norethisterone acetate C22H28O3 51-98-9 Details
Norethisterone enanthate C27H38O3 3836-23-5 Details
medroxyprogesterone acetate C24H34O4 71-58-9 Details
prednisolone C21H28O5 50-24-8 Details
2-phenylacetoacetic acid C10H10O3 4433-88-9 Details
1-Bromo-3-phenylpropane C9H11Br 637-59-2 Details
Pregnenolone acetate C23H34O3 1778-02-5 Details
pregnenolone C21H32O2 145-13-1 Details
ethisterone C21H28O2 434-03-7 Details
Gestonorone C20H28O3 2137-18-0 Details
Gestonorone acetate C22H30O4 31981-44-9 Details
Ulipristal acetate C28H35NO3 126784-99-4 Details
dienogest C20H25NO2 65928-58-9 Details
Norethynodrel C20H26O2 68-23-5 Details
cyproterone C22H27ClO3 2098-66-0 Details
megestrol C22H30O3 3562-63-8 Details
Chlormadinone C21H27ClO3 1961-77-9 Details
cyproterone acetate C24H29ClO4 427-51-0 Details
Chlormadinone acetate C23H29ClO4 302-22-7 Details
Boldenone Cypionate C26H38O3 106505-90-2 Details
Boldenone 17-acetate C21H28O3 2363-59-9 Details
Boldenone Undecylenate C30H44O3 13103-34-9 Details
boldenone C19H26O2 846-48-0 Details
Medrogestone C23H32O2 977-79-7 Details
norgestimate C23H31NO3 35189-28-7 Details
Melengestrol Acetate C25H32O4 2919-66-6 Details
Flugestone 17-Acetate C23H31FO5 2529-45-5 Details
Oxandrolone C19H30O3 53-39-4 Details
9(10)-Dehydronandrolone C17H22O2 6218-29-7 Details
etonogestrel C22H28O2 54048-10-1 Details
Gestodene C21H26O2 60282-87-3 Details
desogestrel C22H30O 54024-22-5 Details
Sitolactone 126784-20-1 Details
Estra-4,9-diene-3,17-dione C18H22O2 5173-46-6 Details
Estra-5(10),9(11)-diene-3,17-dione 3-Ethylene Ketal C20H26O3 5571-36-8 Details
17-Hydroxypregn-4-ene-3,20-dione acetate C23H32O4 17308-02-0 Details
3β,5β-Dihydroxy-15β,16β-methylene-androst-6-en-17-one C20H28O3 82543-15-5 Details
4'-Aminoacetophenon C8H9NO 99-92-3 Details
Oestradiol 17-heptanoate C25H36O3 4956-37-0 Details
17β-estradiol 3-benzoate C25H28O3 50-50-0 Details
ferulic acid C10H10O4 1135-24-6 Details
salicylic acid C7H6O3 69-72-7 Details
Azelaic acid C9H16O4 123-99-9 Details
(+)-taxifolin C15H12O7 480-18-2 Details
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