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      Chengdu Greenpure Biopharma Co., Ltd is specializing in Research&Development of Natural Active Ingredients from Chinese Traditional Medicine and Screen the Natural Active Ingredients for New Drug R&D in Cancer & Diabetes. We can offer high quality Natural Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Phytochemicals Compound, Natural Active Ingredients Extracts from Chinese herb and Natural Active Ingredients Customization service. Greenpure set up an Anti-Cancer Active Ingredient Screen R&D Center with Leshan Normal University ,which including the Natural Active ingredient preparation lab,New Drug’s synthesis and modification lab,New Drug’s metabolize research lab, and Activity Screen lab. Greenpure has a professional R&D team,well-Equipment facilities and excellent quality control,which make it enable to provide better service to customer and be the Reliable partner for high quality Phytochemicals.
Product Name MF CAS Details
Seneciphylline C18H23NO5 480-81-9 Details
20-deoxyingenol C20H28O4 54706-99-9 Details
Stigmastane-3,6-dione C29H48O2 22149-69-5 Details
7-O-Methyl morroniside C18H28O11 41679-97-4 Details
Ajugasterone C C27H44O7 23044-80-6 Details
Chebulic acid C14H12O11 23725-05-5 Details
1,5-Dicaffeoylquinic acid C25H24O12 19870-46-3 Details
Albaspidin AP C22H26O8 59092-91-0 Details
Hecogenin C27H42O4 467-55-0 Details
8-Gingerol C19H30O4 23513-08-8 Details
Calycanthine C22H26N4 595-05-1 Details
Curcumol C15H24O2 4871-97-0 Details
3-Isomangostin C24H26O6 19275-46-8 Details
5,7-Dihydroxychromone C9H6O4 31721-94-5 Details
Agrimol B C37H46O12 55576-66-4 Details
8-Hydroxybergapten C12H8O5 1603-47-0 Details
7-Epitaxol C47H51NO14 105454-04-4 Details
Retrorsine C18H25NO6 480-54-6 Details
20(R)-Notoginsenoside R2 C41H70O13 948046-15-9 Details
Tomatine C50H83NO21 17406-45-0 Details
11-Keto-beta-boswellic acid C30H46O4 17019-92-0 Details
Sulforaphene C6H9NOS2 592-95-0 Details
β-Ecdysone C27H44O7 5289-74-7 Details
Techtochrysin C16H12O4 520-28-5 Details
Bengenin C14H16O9 477-90-7 Details
Seneciphyllinine C20H25NO6 90341-45-0 Details
1,3,5,8-Tetrahydroxyxanthone C13H8O6 2980-32-7 Details
Seneciphylline N-Oxide C18H23NO6 38710-26-8 Details
Albaspidin AA C21H24O8 3570-40-9 Details
10-Nitro Camptothecin C20H15N3O6 104195-61-1 Details
Phorbol-12-Myristate-13-Acetate C36H56O8 16561-29-8 Details
Agnuside C22H26O11 11027-63-7 Details
Aconine C25H41NO9 509-20-6 Details
Senecionine N-oxide C18H25NO6 13268-67-2 Details
3-O-acetyloleanolic acid C32H50O4 4339-72-4 Details
Alisol A C30H50O5 19885-10-0 Details
Denudatine C22H33NO2 26166-37-0 Details
EuphorbiafactorL1 C32H40O8 76376-43-7 Details
8-Geranopsoralen C21H22O4 7437-55-0 Details
1,3,6-Tri-O-galloyl-beta-D-glucose C27H24O18 18483-17-5 Details
Hypaconitine C33H45NO10 6900-87-4 Details
Tomatidine C27H45NO2 77-59-8 Details
3'-hydroxyPuerarin C21H20O10 117060-54-5 Details
Ankaflavin C23H30O5 50980-32-0 Details
Chrysosplenetin B C19H18O8 603-56-5 Details
Calycosin C16H12O5 20575-57-9 Details
Benzoylhypaconine C31H43NO9 63238-66-4 Details
Glucoraphanin C12H23NO10S3 21414-41-5 Details
6-Shogaol C17H24O3 555-66-8 Details
Picrocrocin C16H26O7 138-55-6 Details
10-Methoxycamptothecin C21H18N2O5 19685-10-0 Details
10-Deacetyltaxol C45H49NO13 78432-77-6 Details
Bullatine B C24H39NO6 466-26-2 Details
1-Monomyristin C17H34O4 589-68-4 Details
11-Oxomogroside V C60H100O29 126105-11-1 Details
Acetylcorynoline C23H23NO6 18797-80-3 Details
Punicalagin C48H28O30 65995-63-3 Details
Monascin C21H26O5 21516-68-7 Details
Indaconitine C34H47NO10 4491-19-4 Details
2-O-Acetyl-20-hydroxyecdysone C29H46O8 19536-25-5 Details
Tetrahydrocoptisine C19H17NO4 4312-32-7 Details
Mesaconitine C33H45NO11 2752-64-9 Details
Senecionine C18H25NO5 130-01-8 Details
Sulforaphane C6H11NOS2 142825-10-3 Details
8-Desoxygartanin C23H24O5 33390-41-9 Details
Ailanthone C20H24O7 981-15-7 Details
Talatisamine C24H39NO5 20501-56-8 Details
Delsoline C25H41NO7 509-18-2 Details
Maoecrystal A C22H28O6 96850-30-5 Details
Alismoxide C15H26O2 87701-68-6 Details
Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate C42H63KO16 68797-35-3 Details
Rubropunctamine C21H23NO4 514-66-9 Details
14-hydroxysprengerinin C C44H70O17 1111088-89-1 Details
3-Hydroxy-9,10-Dimethoxypterocarpan C17H16O5 73340-41-7 Details
Szechenyine C36H51NO11 96562-88-8 Details
Songorine C22H31NO3 509-24-0 Details
Mosloflavone C17H14O5 740-33-0 Details
1,3-Dicaffeoylquinic acid C25H24O12 30964-13-7 Details
Chelidonine C20H19NO5 476-32-4 Details
Euphporbia factor L3 C31H38O7 218916-52-0 Details
14-Benzoylaconine C32H45NO10 466-24-0 Details
17-Hydroxy sprengerinin C C44H70O17 1029017-75-1 Details
3-O-Acetyl-20-hydroxyecdysone C29H46O8 22961-68-8 Details
5-Ethoxychelerthrine C23H23NO5 79559-55-0 Details
Albiflorin C23H28O11 39011-90-0 Details
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