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Company Name:City Chemical LLC
Product Total:168
CB Index:58
Nationality:United States
      City Chemical LLC, headquartered in the U.S.A., is the manufacturer of rare and unusual chemicals, many of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Over 14,000 organic and inorganic chemicals in stock and ready for immediate delivery. At City Chemical LLC, we focus on servicing our customers. We call it ResponseAbilityTM-which is our proprietary capability to satisfy your chemical needs quicker and more reliably than anyone else.
Product Name MF CAS Details
Diphenic Acid C14H10O4 482-05-3 Details
2,5-Dimethylindole C10H11N 1196-79-8 Details
Quininic Acid C11H9NO3 86-68-0 Details
Acetone Sodium Bisulfite C3H7NaO4S 540-92-1 Details
Acetic Acid C2H4O2 64-19-7 Details
Ammonium Carbamate CH6N2O2 1111-78-0 Details
Ammonium Iodide H4IN 12027-06-4 Details
Cupric Chloride Cl2CuH4O2 10125-13-0 Details
Cobalt Nitrate CoH12N2O12 10026-22-9 Details
Bismuth Nitrate BiH10N3O14 10035-06-0 Details
Ammonium Chloride ClH4N 12125-02-9 Details
Benzyltrichlorosilane C7H7Cl3Si 770-10-5 Details
Barium Sulfide BaHS 21109-95-5 Details
Chrysene C18H12 218-01-9 Details
Lead Thiocyanate C2N2PbS2 592-87-0 Details
Cupric Nitrate CuH6N2O9 10031-43-3 Details
Lead Bromide Br2Pb 10031-22-8 Details
Lead Iodide I2Pb 10101-63-0 Details
Lithium Salicylate C7H7LiO3 552-38-5 Details
D-Glucosamine C6H13NO5 3416-24-8 Details
Potassium Sulfide K4O3S3 39365-88-3 Details
Dibutyltin Sulfide C8H18SSn 4253-22-9 Details
Ferric Chloride Solution Cl3Fe 7705-08-0 Details
Germanium Diiodide GeI2 13573-08-5 Details
Cupric Oxide CuO 1317-38-0 Details
EDTA, Tetrasodium Salt C10H12N2Na4O8 13235-36-4 Details
Germanium Disulfide GeS2 12025-34-2 Details
Germanium Nitride Ge3N4 12065-36-0 Details
Diethylsilane C4H12Si 542-91-6 Details
Dichlorophene C13H10Cl2O2 97-23-4 Details
Ferric Benzoate C21H15FeO6 14534-87-3 Details
Clerici Solution C4H2O6Tl2 61971-47-9 Details
Ninhydrin C9H6O4 485-47-2 Details
Hexachlorodisiloxane Cl6OSi2 14986-21-1 Details
Retene C18H18 483-65-8 Details
Nickel Monoxide NiO 1313-99-1 Details
Ammonium Fluoride FH4N 12125-01-8 Details
Silicon (IV) Acetate C8H12O8Si 562-90-3 Details
Barium Manganate BaH4MnO4 7787-35-1 Details
DL-iso-Citric Acid Trisodium C6H5Na3O7 1637-73-6 Details
Aluminum citrate C6H5AlO7 31142-56-0 Details
Pangamic Acid Sodium Salt 77700-02-8 Details
3,3-Dimethylnaphthidine C22H20N2 13138-48-2 Details
Silver-2,4-Pentanedionate C5H7AgO2 15525-64-1 Details
Lead Stannate O3PbSn 1344-41-8 Details
Cobalt Oxide Co3O4-2 1308-06-1 Details
Primuline C21H14N3NaO3S3 8064-60-6 Details
Molybdenum Dichloride Dioxide Cl2MoO2 13637-68-8 Details
Aluminum Fluoride( Anhydrous) AlF3 7784-18-1 Details
Propylhydrazine Oxalate C5H12N2O4 56884-75-4 Details
Silicon Tetrachloride Cl4Si 10026-04-7 Details
Hexachlorodisilane Cl6Si2 13465-77-5 Details
Silicon Tetraiodide I4Si 13465-84-4 Details
Silver Lactate C3H5AgO3 128-00-7 Details
Magnesium Fluoride F2Mg 7783-40-6 Details
Potassium Manganate K2MnO4 10294-64-1 Details
Silver Arsenate Ag3AsO4 13510-44-6 Details
Barium Cyanide C2BaN2 542-62-1 Details
Mucobromic Acid C4H2Br2O3 488-11-9 Details
HUMIC ACID C9H9NO6 1415-93-6 Details
Cobalt Carbonyl C8Co2O8+4 10210-68-1 Details
Triphenylene C18H12 217-59-4 Details
Bismuth Stannate Bi2O9Sn3 12010-67-2 Details
Zinc Sulfide SZn 1314-98-3 Details
Triphenylmethanethiol C19H16S 3695-77-0 Details
Silicon Tetrabromide Br4Si 7789-66-4 Details
Bismuth (III) Oxychloride BiClO 7787-59-9 Details
8-Quinolinol Citrate C15H15NO8 134-30-5 Details
Bismuth Trichloride BiCl3 7787-60-2 Details
Trimethyltin Chloride C3H9ClSn 1066-45-1 Details
Antimony Trioxide O3Sb2 1309-64-4 Details
SILVER IODIDE AgI 7783-96-2 Details
Ammonium Resinate Details
5-DECYNE C10H18 1942-46-7 Details
SILVER OXALATE C2Ag2O4 533-51-7 Details
Ammonium Phosphate H18N3O7P 10361-65-6 Details
Calcium Fluoride CaF2 7789-75-5 Details
Calcium Glycerophosphate C3H7CaO6P 27214-00-2 Details
Sodium Metaborate BNaO2 7775-19-1 Details
Tetraethylgermanium C8H20Ge 597-63-7 Details
Bismuth Trioxide BiO3- 1304-76-3 Details
ZINC SALICYLATE C14H8O6Zn 16283-53-0 Details
Ammonium Sulfide Solution H8N2S 12135-76-1 Details
Zinc Chromate CrH2O4.Zn 13530-65-9 Details
Sodium Tetraphosphate Na6O13P4 7727-67-5 Details
Tetraethylsilane C8H20Si 631-36-7 Details
Tantalum Ethoxide C10H25O5Ta 6074-84-6 Details
8-Quinolinol Sulfate 2C9H7NO.H2O4S 134-31-6 Details
1,4-Naphthoquinone C10H6O2 130-15-4 Details
Stannic Oxide O2Sn 18282-10-5 Details
Tetrakis(diethylamino)titanium C16H40N4Ti 4419-47-0 Details
Triethylsilane C6H16Si 617-86-7 Details
Zinc Selenide SeZn 1315-09-9 Details
Amylose, Potato C18H30O16X2 9005-82-7 Details
Trimethyl Citrate C9H14O7 1587-20-8 Details
Zinc Dichromate Cr2H6O10Zn 14018-95-2 Details
Ammonium Stearate C18H39NO2 1002-89-7 Details
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