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Company Name:Zhengzhou Yuanli Biological Technology Co., Ltd
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      Zhengzhou Yuanli Biological Technology Co.,Ltd. , founded in 2009, has been committed to R&D of chemical drugs, fine chemicals new materials and achievements transformation. It is a comprehensive enterprise which is integrated by scientific research, high-end customization, industrial transformation and international trade. There are 165 employees, 131 of them are R&D person, 10 of them are PHD and Master. Under the leadership of the founder Mr. Wu Xiaojun, the company has cultivated a large number of outstanding talents. After years of painstaking research, it has reached the leading level in the technical development and product transformation, and get more than 20 transformation achievements. Providing products and technical services to 68 countries and regions. The company has applied for 16 patents, 12 invention patents have been granted. There are two subsidiaries: Henan Chemical Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.; Suicheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd: A production base: Suicheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. A European sales company: Globs Chemical Co., Ltd. (Georgia) Leading by science and technology innovation, guiding by customer demand, through technological innovation, mastering core technology,transforming scientific and technological achievements to application rapidly is the typical feature of the company. In the past few years we are known as one of the best company of combination of production, education and research, motivating technology transform into application. Enterprise Culture: Company Mission: Innovate technology, and make technology benefit life rapidly! Company Vision: Be the best company of transformation from technology to application! Core Values: Unite, exceed, share, win-win. Business Ideas: Professional, dedicated, making every effort. Company Purpose: Create a stage for employees, create value for customers, create benefits for society, achieve dreams for shareholders.
Product Name MF CAS Details
5-Bromo-2-hexylthiophene C10H15BrS 211737-28-9 Details
Meta-Carborane C2H12B10 16986-24-6 Details
Ammonium Decahydrodecaborate 2008-61-6 Details
Pyridinium p-toluenesulfonate C12H13NO3S 24057-28-1 Details
Carnosine C9H14N4O3 305-84-0 Details
o-Carborane-1-Carboxylic Acid Details
Chlorodimethylphenylsilane C8H11ClSi 768-33-2 Details
9-Oxo-10(9H)-Acridineacetic Acid C15H11NO3 38609-97-1 Details
Borane-pyridine complex C5H8BN 110-51-0 Details
4,4'-Dibromo-2,2'-Bipyridine C10H6Br2N2 18511-71-2 Details
NSC27927 C19H13NO 5472-23-1 Details
6,9-Dichloro-2-Methoxyacridine C14H9Cl2NO 86-38-4 Details
2,2'-Bipyridine, 4,4'-Bis(5-hexyl-2-thienyl)- C30H36N2S2 1047684-56-9 Details
Bis(4-bromophenyl)-diphenyl silane C24H18Br2Si 18733-91-0 Details
Acetyl Tetrapeptide-2 C26H40N6O8 1239011-60-9 Details
1-Hydroxy-3-Phospholene 1-oxide C4H7O2P 39063-70-2 Details
1,2-Bis(3,4-diethyl phthalate) -Ortho-Carborane Details
Diphenylphosphine oxide C12H11OP 4559-70-0 Details
2,6-Dichloropurine C5H2Cl2N4 5451-40-1 Details
Hexapeptide-11 100684-36-4 Details
N-Boc-4-piperidinemethanol C11H21NO3 123855-51-6 Details
10-Aethyl-10H-acridin-9-on C15H13NO 2207-41-2 Details
4-Methyldiphenylamine C13H13N 620-84-8 Details
2-(9-oxoacridin-10-yl)acetic Acid C15H11NO3 58880-43-6 Details
1-(2,4-difluorophenyl)-1H-pyrrole C10H7F2N 125126-63-8 Details
Dipeptide-2 C16H21N3O3 24587-37-9 Details
9-Methylacridine C14H11N 611-64-3 Details
Sesamol C7H6O3 533-31-3 Details
Lappaconitine Hydrobromide C32H45BrN2O8 97792-45-5 Details
1-tert-Butoxycarbonyl-4-piperidinecarboxaldehyde C11H19NO3 137076-22-3 Details
denatonium benzoate C28H34N2O3 3734-33-6 Details
1-Methyl-1-oxo-Phospholene C5H9OP 930-38-1 Details
9,9-Dimethylcarbazine C15H15N 6267-02-3 Details
4-Bromoindole C8H6BrN 52488-36-5 Details
Ethyl pyruvate C5H8O3 617-35-6 Details
2,6-Dibromo-4-Methylpyridine C6H5Br2N 73112-16-0 Details
Methyl 2-Acetylisonicotinate C9H9NO3 138715-82-9 Details
Acridine-4-carboxylic Acid C14H9NO2 31327-97-6 Details
10-(4-bromophenyl)-9(10H)-Acridinon C19H12BrNO 24275-95-4 Details
Bis-N-methylacridinium Nitrate C28H22N4O6 2315-97-1 Details
Methyl phospholanate C5H11O2P 66368-88-5 Details
Cytosine C4H5N3O 71-30-7 Details
3,3'-Thiodipropionic acid C6H10O4S 111-17-1 Details
1-Bromomethyl-O-Carborane C3H2B10Br 19496-84-5 Details
1-Methy-O-Carborane C3H14B10 16872-10-9 Details
Argireline C34H60N14O12S 616204-22-9 Details
Acridin-9-Ylmethanol C14H11NO 35426-11-0 Details
Acetyl Tetrapeptide-5 C20H28N8O7 820959-17-9 Details
2,7-Dibromo-9,10-dihydro-9,9-dimethyl-acridine C15H13Br2N 1333316-35-0 Details
Trisodium 1,3,6-naphthalenetrisulfonate C10H5Na3O9S3 5182-30-9 Details
Bis(diethylsulfide) Decaborane Details
4,4'-Bis(hydroxymethyl)-2,2'-Bipyridine C12H12N2O2 109073-77-0 Details
9-Aminoacridinium Chloride C13H11ClN2 134-50-9 Details
4,4'-Dimethoxy-2,2'-Bipyridine C12H12N2O2 17217-57-1 Details
2,2'-Bipyridine-4,4'-Dicarboxylic Acid C12H8N2O4 6813-38-3 Details
9(10H)-Acridone C13H9NO 578-95-0 Details
1,4-Thioxane-1,1-dioxide C4H8O3S 107-61-9 Details
1,2-Diphenyl-1,2-dicarba-closo-dodecaborane C14H10B10 17805-19-5 Details
1-Phenyl-1-oxo-3-phospholene C10H11OP 5186-73-2 Details
1-Butyl-1-oxo-3-phospholene C8H15OP 5186-72-1 Details
9-Acridinecarboxylic Acid C14H9NO2 5336-90-3 Details
9-Aminoacridine Hydrochloride Hydrate C13H13ClN2O 52417-22-8 Details
10-METHYL-9(10H)-ACRIDONE C14H11NO 719-54-0 Details
Carbazine C13H11N 92-81-9 Details
hydropropyl beta cyclodextrin C63H112O42 128446-35-5 Details
1-Ethoxy-2,5-dihydro-1H-phosphole 1-oxide C6H11O2P 695-62-5 Details
1-Methoxy-2,5-dihydro-1H-phosphole 1-oxide C5H9O2P 694-65-5 Details
Ortho-Carborane C2B10 16872-09-6 Details
glutathione C10H17N3O6S 70-18-8 Details
Meglumine C7H17NO5 6284-40-8 Details
1,4-Thioxane C4H8OS 15980-15-1 Details
Sodium Dodecahydrododecaborate B12O36-36 12008-78-5 Details
Acyclovir C8H11N5O3 59277-89-3 Details
Acetyl Octapeptide-3 C41H70N16O16S 868844-74-0 Details
2-bromo-9,10-dihydro-9,9-dimethyl-10-phenyl C21H18BrN 1319720-64-3 Details
2-Chloropyrimidine C7H12ClN3 1722-12-9 Details
adenosine C10H13N5O4 58-61-7 Details
Dimethylphosphine oxide C2H7OP 7211-39-4 Details
Carborane superacid Details
9-Aminoacridine C13H10N2 90-45-9 Details
1-Hexyl-O-Carborane C8H24B10 20740-05-0 Details
9-Chloroacridine C13H8ClN 1207-69-8 Details
3-Methyldiphenylamine C13H13N 1205-64-7 Details
1,7-Bis(hydroxymethyl)-M-Carborane C4H16B10O2 23924-78-9 Details
4,4'-Bis(bromomethyl)-2,2'-Bipyridine C12H10Br2N2 134457-14-0 Details
Acetyl Hexapeptide-38 1400634-44-7 Details
Decaborane Decahydro Double Tetraethylammonium Details
Para-Carborane C2H12B10 20644-12-6 Details
1-hydroxy-1λ5-phospholane 1-oxide C4H9O2P 6787-46-8 Details
Uracil C4H4N2O2 66-22-8 Details
8-Hydroxyquinoline C9H7NO 148-24-3 Details
Copper Peptide C8H24O12P2S 55566-30-8 Details
9,10-dihydro-9-oxoacridine-4-carboxylic acid C14H9NO3 24782-64-7 Details
9-(Bromomethyl)Acridine C14H10BrN 1556-34-9 Details
Dodecahydro-arachno-bis(acatonitrile)decaborane C4H18B10N2 28377-97-1 Details
Bis(2,6-Difluoro-3-(1-Hydropyrrol-1-YL)Phenyl)Titanocene C30H12F4N2Ti 125051-32-3 Details
9-Phenylacridine C19H13N 602-56-2 Details
Acridine C13H9N 260-94-6 Details
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