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Company Name:Shanghai Jifeng Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
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      Headquartered in Shanghai, jifeng covers a construction area of 45,000 square meters and has more than 1,500 employees. Led by a team of top doctors and experts at home and abroad, jifeng biochemical is an internationally leading manufacturer of protective amino acids, peptides and antibodies. The company has eight production bases and three r&d centers around the world. With strong comprehensive strength, 20 years of rich experience in quality management, and huge scale effect, the headquarter provides various kinds of peptide products with high quality, low price and high technology content to customers all over the world. Headquarters in twenty years, has accumulated a lot of know-how, won a large number of major science and technology result of the country provinces and cities, to apply for a patent for invention in China for more than 70, the international famous journals published 20 peptide field scientific papers, equipped with a large number of international peptide research and advanced production equipment, such as 400 MHZ nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), two infrared spectrometer, 10 sets of mass spectrometer, amino acid analyzer, 96/106 hole peptide synthesis, microwave peptide synthesizer, enzyme standard instrument, more than two hundred sets of analytical and preparation of high performance liquid chromatograph, company peptide production more than 10000 more than a month. After 20 years of rapid development, the headquarters has become an international scale research peptide supplier, peptide reagent varieties covering all aspects of peptide research and development, production, can provide a full set of peptide reagents. The company enjoys high reputation in the industry at home and abroad and is a reliable supplier of protective amino acids, peptides and antibodies. As a further extension of the company's business, jifeng headquarters successfully acquired an antibody company in early 2008, becoming one of the few companies with actual antibody

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