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      CoreSyn was founded at March, 2005 and moved into the Hangzhou New and Hi-tech Industrial Park at 2007. As a chemistry based, research and innovation-driven high-tech company, Coresyn provides the customers with innovative chemistry services including custom synthesis based on in-house products and expertise; process development and large-scale synthesis of key intermediates; a catalog of specially designed scaffolds and building blocks and APIs. The founder of CoreSyn, Dr. Hu, was used to work for a multinational company with managerial roles in the R&D field . CoreSyn has a management team of scientists with extensive experience in global pharmaceutical industry and research facilities, providing integrated R&D and manufacturing services to global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. With the full use of the R&D experienced team, CoreSyn has accomplished many projects in all the phases of drug development; provided high-quality, efficient, and low-cost chemical services.

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