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Company Name:Jinan Qinmu Fine Chemical Co.,Ltd.
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      Founded in 2008, Qinmu fine chemical Co.,Ltd. is located in Yanshan Industrial area, Jiangxi province, whose head office is located in the beautiful spring city Jinan, the company owns almost 20 acre and more than 80 workers, of whom are mostly high academic qualifications, and 10 technicians in our laboratory and plant to guide all the matters of R&D and the whole production.We have 2 pieces of 1000L/high-pressure reactors, 4 pieces of 200L/high-pressure hydrogenation reactors, and other advanced equipments like Germany-imported centrifuges, dryers, rectifying tower and so on. With all the efforts of everyone,our turnovers in 2018 beyond $ 21 million, becomes bigger and bigger; customers spreads from Asia to Europe, America and Australia, like Samsung, Miwon commercial of Korea, Tiger of Thailand, Novas of UK, Synthos of Poland, Gujarat Fluorochemicals Ltd.of India. And so on. As an ISO 9001 qualified company, we are mainly specialized in producing high quality but low price Pharmaceutical intermediates, APIs, synthetic intermediates, as well as some materials in dyes industries, almost half of the goods are for exporting. Additionally, we provide the OEM (customize) manufactures for intermediates, if you can't find materials from the world, just tell us, we will research and produce in our high-tech equipped laboratory. We are dedicated to satisfying our customers with our products and services. To mutual cooperation, to win-win benefit!
Product Name MF CAS Details
ODPA C16H6O7 1823-59-2 Details
2,6-Difluorobenzamide C7H5F2NO 18063-03-1 Details
Anthranilamide C7H8N2O 88-68-6 Details
1,3,5-Triisopropylbenzene C15H24 717-74-8 Details
Allantoin C4H6N4O3 97-59-6 Details
N-ETHYLFORMAMIDE C3H7NO 627-45-2 Details
favipiravir C5H4FN3O2 259793-96-9 Details
2,4,6-Triisopropylbenzenesulfonyl chloride C15H23ClO2S 6553-96-4 Details
1-Ethyl-1,2-dihydro-6-hydroxy-4-methyl-2-oxo-3-pyridinecarboxamide C9H12N2O3 29097-12-9 Details
4,4'-Diamino-2,2'-stilbenedisulfonic acid C14H14N2O6S2 81-11-8 Details
3-Ethylpyridine C7H9N 536-78-7 Details
2-(2-Hydroxyethyl)pyridine C7H9NO 103-74-2 Details
N,N-Dimethylaniline C8H11N 121-69-7 Details
3-Fluorobenzotrifluoride C7H4F4 401-80-9 Details
Calcium thioglycolate C4H6CaO4S2 814-71-1 Details
Kojic acid C6H6O4 501-30-4 Details
N-(2-Hydroxyethyl)ethylenediaminetriacetic acid C10H18N2O7 150-39-0 Details
Potassium [(cyanomethyl)thio]acetate/K-CMA C4H4KNO2S 52069-54-2 Details
DEFLAZACORT C23H29NO4 13649-88-2 Details
Trimethoprim C14H18N4O3 738-70-5 Details
Polaprezinc C9H12N4O3Zn 107667-60-7 Details
2-Ethylpyridine C7H9N 100-71-0 Details
2,6-Dichlorobenzonitrile C7H3Cl2N 1194-65-6 Details
1,3,5(10)-Estratrien-3-ol-17-one C18H22O2 53-16-7 Details
TriphenylMethyl chloride C19H15Cl 76-83-5 Details
2-CHLOROTRITYL CHLORIDE C19H14Cl2 42074-68-0 Details
Sodium salt of polynaphthalene sulphonic acid C11H10O4S 36290-04-7 Details
METHANONE, 1,1'-(1,4-PHENYLENE)BIS[1-(4-FLUOROPHENYL)-] C20H12F2O2 68418-51-9 Details
2,5-Dihydroxy-1,4-dithiane C4H8O2S2 40018-26-6 Details
Olmesartan Medoxomil C29H30N6O6 144689-63-4 Details
Epichlorohydrin C3H5ClO 106-89-8 Details
Propylene oxide C3H6O 75-56-9 Details
2,5-Dimethoxybenzaldehyde C9H10O3 93-02-7 Details
Alizarin C14H8O4 72-48-0 Details
2,2-Dibromo-2-cyanoacetamide C3H2Br2N2O 10222-01-2 Details
1,2-Benzisothiazol-3(2H)-one C7H5NOS 2634-33-5 Details
2-Bromo-2-nitro-1,3-propanediol C3H6BrNO4 52-51-7 Details
Glycerol triglycidyl ether C12H20O6 13236-02-7 Details
Tris(tribromoneopenthyl)phosphate C15H24Br9O4P 19186-97-1 Details
2-Amino-3-hydroxypyridine C5H6N2O 16867-03-1 Details
Progesterone C21H30O2 57-83-0 Details
Altrenogest C21H26O2 850-52-2 Details
Fosfomycin Trometamol C7H18NO7P 78964-85-9 Details
4,4'-Dihydroxybenzophenone C13H10O3 611-99-4 Details
1-Bromo-3-chloropropane C3H6BrCl 109-70-6 Details
Vitamin E calcium succinate C29H50O2 14638-18-7 Details
L-Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate C11H20N4O7 16856-18-1 Details
trans-1-(Bromoethyl)-4-pentylcyclohexane C12H23Br 71458-14-5 Details
Moxidectin C37 H53 N O8 113507-06-5 Details
4-Diethylamino-2-methylbenzaldehyde C12H17NO 92-14-8 Details
Duloxetine hydrochloride C18H20ClNOS 136434-34-9 Details
Vonaprazan(TAK-438) C21H20FN3O6S 1260141-27-2 Details
2,4-Difluoro-3,5-dichloroaniline C6H3Cl2F2N 83121-15-7 Details
2-Aminothiazole C3H4N2S 96-50-4 Details
Methyl o-toluate C9H10O2 89-71-4 Details
3-Amino-1-hydroxyadamantane C10H17NO 702-82-9 Details
trans-4-Methycyclohexyl isocyanate C8H13NO 32175-00-1 Details
2-Amino-5-nitrothiazole C3H3N3O2S 121-66-4 Details
5-Fluoro-4-hydrazino-2-methoxypyrimidine C5H7FN4O 166524-64-7 Details
N-(3-aminopropyl)-N-dodecylpropane-1,3-diamine C18H41N3 2372-82-9 Details
1,4-Dioxaspiro[4.5]decan-8-one C8H12O3 4746-97-8 Details
trans-4-Methylcyclohexylamine hydrochloride C7H16ClN 33483-65-7 Details
3,5-Dichloroaniline C6H5Cl2N 626-43-7 Details
2-Ethylhexyl acetate C10H20O2 103-09-3 Details
Synthetic Musk ketone C14H18N2O5 81-14-1 Details
5-Fluoro-2-nitroanisole C7H6FNO3 448-19-1 Details
Octabenzone C21H26O3 1843-05-6 Details
5-Methyl-2-pyrazinecarboxylic acid C6H6N2O2 5521-55-1 Details
Benzocaine hydrochloride C9H11NO2.ClH 23239-88-5 Details
2,6-Dimethylaniline C8H11N 87-62-7 Details
Isooctyl acetate C10H20O2 31565-19-2 Details
2-Nitrobenzaldehyde C7H5NO3 552-89-6 Details
Benzocaine C9H11NO2 94-09-7 Details
4-Aminobenzoic acid C7H7NO2 150-13-0 Details
3,4-Dihydroxybenzonitrile C7H5NO2 17345-61-8 Details
3,3-diaminobenzidine/DAB C12H14N4 91-95-2 Details
Tocofersolan (C2H4O)nC33H54O5 9002-96-4 Details
Ethylene brassylate C15H26O4 105-95-3 Details
2-Bromomethyl-1,3-dioxolane C4H7BrO2 4360-63-8 Details
Glycol dimercaptoacetate C6H10O4S2 123-81-9 Details
L-Carnitine hydrochloride C7H15NO3HCl 10017-44-4 Details
Doxycycline hydrochloride C22H25ClN2O8 10592-13-9 Details
Tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol C5H10O2 97-99-4 Details
Allyl (3-methylbutoxy)acetate C10H18O3 67634-00-8 Details
2-Amino-6-chloro-4-nitrophenol C6H5ClN2O3 6358-09-4 Details
3,4-Dihydro-2H-pyran C5H8O 110-87-2 Details
L(-)-Carnitine hydrochloride C7H16ClNO3 6645-46-1 Details
Ivermectin C48H74O14 70288-86-7 Details
4-Nitro-o-phenylenediamine C6H7N3O2 99-56-9 Details
Doramectin C50H74O14 117704-25-3 Details
N-Cyclohexyl-2-benzothiazolesulfenamide C13H16N2S2 95-33-0 Details
Oleamide C18H35NO 301-02-0 Details
Benzophenone C13H10O 119-61-9 Details
4-[2-[(3-Ethyl-4-methyl-2-oxo-3-pyrrolin-1-yl)carboxamido]ethyl]benzenesulfonamide/Glimepiride Impurity B C16H21N3O4S 119018-29-0 Details
2,2-Bis(bromomethyl)propane-1,3-diol C5H10Br2O2 3296-90-0 Details
Mercaptoacetic acid/Thioglycolic acid C2H4O2S 68-11-1 Details
Watermelon Ketone(calone) C10H10O3 28940-11-6 Details
Methyl thioglycolate C3H6O2S 2365-48-2 Details
Ethylmagnesium bromide 3M ether solution C2H5BrMg 925-90-6 Details
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