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Company Name:Langfang Hawk Techology & Development Co, Ltd.
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      Langfang Hawk Technology& Development Co., Ltd is a manufacturer built in 1992 specializing in scientific research,new product development and production.Our production capacity is 22000 tons per year. Hawk owns two R&D center、four subsidiary plants and a multi-function pilot plant. We are the first manufacturer in China for Dimethyl Disulfide Series、Levulinic Acid Series and Azo-Polymerization Initiator Series.We keep on improving product quality and product after-sale service.We are stable supplier of some World wide Top 500 companies.
Product Name MF CAS Details
Methanesulfonic Anhydride C2H6O5S2 7143-01-3 Details
Propyl Levulinate C8H14O3 645-67-0 Details
Methanesulfonamide CH5NO2S 3144-09-0 Details
Calcium levulinate C10H14CaO6 591-64-0 Details
LEVULINIC ACID C5H8O3 123-76-2 Details
Pyrophosphoryl Chloride Cl4O3P2 13498-14-1 Details
Diphenolic Acid C17H18O4 126-00-1 Details
Methane Sulfonic Acid CH4O3S 75-75-2 Details
γ-Valerolactone C5H8O2 108-29-2 Details
Succinimide C4H5NO2 123-56-8 Details
Succinic anhydride C4H4O3 108-30-5 Details
N-Butyl Levulinate C9H16O3 2052-15-5 Details
Mesitylene(1,3,5-Trimethylbenzene) C9H12 108-67-8 Details
Sodium Methanesulfonate CH3NaO3S 2386-57-4 Details
Glutaric Anhydride C5H6O3 108-55-4 Details
Glutaric Acid C5H8O4 110-94-1 Details
4,4'-Azobis(4-cyano-1 pentanol) C12H20N4O2 4693-47-4 Details
Ethyl Levulinate C7H12O3 539-88-8 Details
Dimethyl Disulfide C2H6S2 624-92-0 Details
Methyl Levulinate C6H10O3 624-45-3 Details
4,4'-Azobis(4-cyano valeric acid) C12H16N4O4 2638-94-0 Details
Stannous Methane Sulfonate C2H6O6S2Sn 53408-94-9 Details
Levulinic Acid Sodium Salt C5H7NaO3 19856-23-6 Details
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