Hebei Duling International Trade Co. LTD

Main products: Povidone Iodine,Lenvatinib mesylate,1,2,3-Triacetyl-5-deoxy-D-ribose,Diethyl L-glutamate hydrochloride

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Hebei duling International Trade Co., Ltd. is located in Shijiazhuang, the pharmaceutical capital of China. Our company operates in various forms, including production, sales and overseas trade. At the same time, we can provide biotechnology development, consultation, exchange and promotion, technical research of biomass energy, agricultural scientific research and experimental development, etc. Our core sector is the R & D, production and sales of pesticide additives and pesticide intermediates. At present, there are 1 academician (Part-time), 24 professors (10 doctoral tutors), 8 researchers and 12 senior engineers. A research team with strong research force and reasonable structure has been formed. Since its establishment, the center has completed 7 appraisal results, signed 6 technical contracts, authorized 18 national invention patents, and won 8 national, provincial and ministerial scientific research awards. It provides a strong guarantee for the scientific research and deve...

Business Scope:

Import and export of goods or technologies(Import and export of goods and technologies prohibited by the State or involving administrative examination and approval shall be excluded), chemical products and raw materials (except hazardous chemicals) ,Pesticides (operating with permits) sales,Biological, agricultural technology research and development, technology consulting, technology transfer

Type of Enterprise:

Limited Liability Company


United States Canada Brazil Mexico The Netherlands 

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