Henan Research New Material Co., Ltd

Henan Research New Material Co., Ltd

Main products: Anhydride derivative,Functional material intermedia,Pharmaceutical Intermediates,Pesticide Intermediate,Synthetic Customization

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Henan Research New Material Co., Ltd
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Henan Research New Materials Co., Ltd. is a research and development technology company, affiliated to Yijiasheng Holding Group, focusing on technology research and development, technology transfer, and achievement transformation in the field of high-end new materials. The company has gathered a large number of domestic and foreign high-tech scientific research backbones, has advanced research and development equipment, and is mainly dedicated to the development of various anhydride derivatives, photoelectric materials, packaging materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, pesticide intermediates and other world-leading products.


We will take the development trend of domestic and foreign industries as the research and development orientation, give back to the society with high-quality products, and serve customers around the world. Expect our products to make the world a better place and bring people a higher quality of life.


Core values of the company:

Gratitude, responsibility, sharing


Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving times, Thanksgiving customers, Thanksgiving partners

Responsibility: Take the responsibility of social development, take the responsibility of customer needs, and take the mission of partner growth

Sharing: Giving back to the society, giving back to customers, and rewarding partners