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Shenzhen Shengda Pharma Limitedis a pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs GMP factory, Shengdapharm has GMP production base in Huizhou and Shenzhen multifunctional pharmaceutical R & D center and the Shenzhen / India / usa three trade service center, GMP production base in Huizhou production workshop can provide laboratory, pilot to industrial production for customers to provide grams, kg grade and tonnage is high quality products; Shenzhen multifunctional pharmaceutical R & D center has NMR/HPLC/LC-MS/GC-MS and other modern detection equipment to ensure the quality of products, while providing customers for the new drug / generics / customized products R&D and production.Shengdapharm with quality products integrity and pragmatic attitude good customer service has been highly recognized by the industry and a number of famous companies and become their major suppliers; Shengdapharm people want to use their own focus and professional, to provide you with high quality products...

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Chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical raw materials manufacturing, intermediate and laboratory product development

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India United States 

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