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ChemicalBook >> CAS DataBase List >> 2-Amino-4-nitro anisidine

2-Amino-4-nitro anisidine

2-Amino-4-nitro anisidine price.
  • $30 - $98.3
  • Product name: 2-Amino-4-nitro anisidine
  • CAS: 99-59-2
  • MF: C7H8N2O3
  • MW: 168.15
  • EINECS:202-770-5
  • MDL Number:MFCD00007261
  • Synonyms:Esomeprazole Impurity 88;2-Amino-4-nitroanisole, 3-Amino-4-methoxynitrobenzene;1-Amino-2-methoxy-5-nitrobenzene;2-AMino-4-nitro anis;2-Amino-1-methoxy-4-nitrobenzene 5-Nitro-o-anisidine;2-Methoxy-5-nitroaniline (Red Base RC);1-Methoxy-2-amino-4-nitrobenzene;2-methoxy-5-nitro-anilin
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  • Sigma-Aldrich
  • TCI Chemical


  • 25g
  • 100g
  • 500g
  • ManufacturerSigma-Aldrich
  • Product number161195
  • Product description2-Methoxy-5-nitroaniline 98%
  • Packaging100g
  • Price$70.7
  • Updated2018-11-13
  • Buy
  • ManufacturerSigma-Aldrich
  • Product number161195
  • Product description2-Methoxy-5-nitroaniline 98%
  • Packaging500g
  • Price$98.3
  • Updated2018-11-13
  • Buy
  • ManufacturerTCI Chemical
  • Product numberM0492
  • Product description2-Methoxy-5-nitroaniline >98.0%(GC)(T)
  • Packaging25g
  • Price$30
  • Updated2018-11-22
  • Buy
Manufacturer Product number Product description Packaging Price Updated Buy
Sigma-Aldrich 161195 2-Methoxy-5-nitroaniline 98% 100g $70.7 2018-11-13 Buy
Sigma-Aldrich 161195 2-Methoxy-5-nitroaniline 98% 500g $98.3 2018-11-13 Buy
TCI Chemical M0492 2-Methoxy-5-nitroaniline >98.0%(GC)(T) 25g $30 2018-11-22 Buy


Melting point: :117-119 °C(lit.)
Boiling point: :337.07°C (rough estimate)
Density  :1.2068
refractive index  :1.6010 (estimate)
Flash point: :119℃
Colour Index  :37130
Water Solubility  :Slightly soluble. <0.01 g/100 mL at 19.5 ºC
BRN  :879620
Stability: :Stable, but may be moisture sensitive. Incompatible with water, acids, strong oxidizing agents, acid chlorides, acid anhydrides, chloroformates, liquid anisidine.
CAS DataBase Reference :99-59-2(CAS DataBase Reference)
NIST Chemistry Reference :Benzenamine, 2-methoxy-5-nitro-(99-59-2)
EPA Substance Registry System :Benzenamine, 2-methoxy-5-nitro-(99-59-2)

Safety Information

Signal word: Warning
Hazard statements:
Code Hazard statements Hazard class Category Signal word Pictogram P-Codes
H301 Toxic if swalloed Acute toxicity,oral Category 3 Danger P264, P270, P301+P310, P321, P330,P405, P501
H302 Harmful if swallowed Acute toxicity,oral Category 4 Warning P264, P270, P301+P312, P330, P501
H311 Toxic in contact with skin Acute toxicity,dermal Category 3 Danger P280, P302+P352, P312, P322, P361,P363, P405, P501
H332 Harmful if inhaled Acute toxicity,inhalation Category 4 Warning P261, P271, P304+P340, P312
H351 Suspected of causing cancer Carcinogenicity Category 2 Warning P201, P202, P281, P308+P313, P405,P501
Precautionary statements:
P201 Obtain special instructions before use.
P261 Avoid breathing dust/fume/gas/mist/vapours/spray.
P280 Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/face protection.
P405 Store locked up.


2-Methoxy-5-nitroaniline was used in the synthesis of 5-(9-acridinylamino)-p-anisidines via reaction with 9-anilinoacridines.It was also used in the synthesis of disazo disperse dyes containing nitro and methoxy groups, used for the dyeing of polyester fibre.

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