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Methyl isopropyl ether

CAS No. 598-53-8
Chemical Name: Methyl isopropyl ether
Synonyms: Isopryl;Propane, 2-Methoxy-;isopropyl methyl ether;Methyl isopropyl ether;Propane, 2-Methoxy-(9CI);Methyl 1-methylethyl ether
CBNumber: CB7852404
Molecular Formula: C4H10O
Formula Weight: 74.1216
MOL File: 598-53-8.mol
Methyl isopropyl ether Property

Methyl isopropyl ether Chemical Properties,Usage,Production

2-Methoxy Propane is a synthetic intermediate used for the preparation of various biosynthetic molecules and pharmaceutical goods.
ChEBI: An ether compound having methyl and isopropyl as the two alkyl groups.
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Methyl isopropyl ether 598-53-8 isopropyl methyl ether 598538 CH3OCHCH32 Isopryl Methyl 1-methylethyl ether Propane, 2-Methoxy- Propane, 2-Methoxy-(9CI)
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