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Diethyl methylmalonate

Chemical Name:
Diethyl methylmalonate
Diethyl 2-methylmalonate;METHYLMALONIC ACID DIETHYL ESTER;RARECHEM AL BI 0301;Diethylisosuccinate;Diethyl methylmalote;Diethyl methylmalona;Ethyl methylmalonate;Diethyl MethyMalonate;dlethylmethylmalonate;DIETHYL METHYLMALONATE
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Diethyl methylmalonate Properties

Boiling point 198-199 °C (lit.) 78-80 °C/10 mmHg
Density 1.022 g/mL at 20 °C (lit.)
refractive index n20/D 1.413(lit.)
Flash point 170 °F
storage temp. Sealed in dry,Room Temperature
solubility 1000mg/l
form Liquid
pka 13.13±0.46(Predicted)
Specific Gravity 1.013
color Clear colorless
PH 8 (1000mg/l, H2O, 20℃)
Water Solubility immiscible
BRN 637028
LogP 1.256 (est)
CAS DataBase Reference 609-08-5(CAS DataBase Reference)
NIST Chemistry Reference Propanedioic acid, methyl-, diethyl ester(609-08-5)
EPA Substance Registry System Propanedioic acid, methyl-, diethyl ester (609-08-5)


Risk and Safety Statements

Symbol(GHS)  GHS hazard pictograms
Signal word  Warning
Hazard statements  H227
Precautionary statements  P210-P280-P370+P378-P403+P235-P501-P210e-P280a-P370+P378a-P501a
Safety Statements  23-24/25
WGK Germany  3
HS Code  29171990
NFPA 704
1 0

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Sigma-Aldrich 126136 Diethyl methylmalonate 99% 609-08-5 100g $70 2023-06-20 Buy
Sigma-Aldrich 126136 Diethyl methylmalonate 99% 609-08-5 500g $252 2023-06-20 Buy
TCI Chemical M0366 Diethyl Methylmalonate >98.0%(GC) 609-08-5 25mL $21 2023-06-20 Buy
TCI Chemical M0366 Diethyl Methylmalonate >98.0%(GC) 609-08-5 100mL $48 2023-06-20 Buy
Alfa Aesar A12078 Diethyl methylmalonate, 99% 609-08-5 50g $30.8 2023-06-20 Buy
Product number Packaging Price Buy
126136 100g $70 Buy
126136 500g $252 Buy
M0366 25mL $21 Buy
M0366 100mL $48 Buy
A12078 50g $30.8 Buy

Diethyl methylmalonate Chemical Properties,Uses,Production

Chemical Properties

Clear liquid


Diethyl methylmalonate was used to investigate the effect of direct supplementation of the medium with di-ester of methylmalonate on erythromycin fermentation in Saccharopolyspora erythraea mutB strain.


Diethyl methylmalonate is used as intermediate for the syntheses of pharmaceuticals, e.g. non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents with 2-acrylpropionic acid structures acrylpropionic acid structure. It is also used in the flavour and fragrance industries. Product Data Sheet

General Description

Diethyl methylmalonate reacts with 2-cyclohexenone under abnormal Michael conditions form 2-(3-oxocyclohexyl)-2-cyclohexenone. It causes the alkylation of poly(chloromethylstyrene) during pahse transfer catalysis.

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RARECHEM AL BI 0301 Diethyl methylmalonate 99% DIETHYL METHYLMALONATE DIETHYL 2-METHYLPROPANEDIOATE 1,3-Diethyl 2-methylpropanedioate Diethyl methylmalote Methoxymalonic Acid Diethyl Ester Methylmalonic acid diethyl ester~Methylpropanedioic acid diethyl ester DIETHYL METHYLMALONATE 99% (GC) Diethyl methylpropanedioate Methyl-propanedioic acid diethyl ester Diethyl methylmalona Diethyl MethylMalonate (DMM) Diethyl MethylMalonate, 99% 100GR Diethyl a-methylmalonate Propanedioic acid, methyl-, diethyl ester 2-Methylmalonic acid diethyl Methylmalonic acid diethyl Diethyl methylmalonnate Diethylmethylmalonate,99% Diethyl MethyMalonate 2-methyl-malonicaciddiethylester 2-methyl-propanedioicaciddiethylester Diethylisosuccinate dlethylmethylmalonate Ethyl methylmalonate Malonic acid, methyl-, diethyl ester methyl-propanedioicacidiethylester Propanedioic acid, 2-methyl-, diethyl ester Diethyl MethylMalonate, 98.5% Methyl Malonic acidethyl ester two Propanedioicacid, 2-Methyl-, 1,3-diethyl ester DiethylMethylmalonate> Diethyl Methylmalonate,>98% Flurbiprofen Impurity 27 DEMM,Diethyl Methyl Malonate METHYLMALONIC ACID DIETHYL ESTER Diethyl 2-methylmalonate 609-08-5 608-08-5 C8H14O4 CH3CHCOOC2H52 COOC2H52CHCH3 Carbonyl Compounds C8 to C9 Building Blocks Esters Organic Building Blocks Building Blocks C8 to C9 Carbonyl Compounds Chemical Synthesis Esters Organic Building Blocks Pharmaceutical Intermediates Cyanoacetic acid esters Hydrocyanic acid derivatives bc0001