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Barite structure
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Barite;Barium sulphate;Einecs 236-664-5;Barite (Ba(SO4));Barium sulfate,natural
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Barite Properties

4.300 g/cm3
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Barite (13462-86-7)

Barite Chemical Properties,Uses,Production

Occurrence and Uses

Barite is widely distributed in nature and occurs as the mineral barite (also known as barytes or heavy spar). It often is associated with other metallic ores, such as fluorspar. Barites containing over 94% BaSO4 can be processed economically.
Barite has many commercial applications. It is used as natural barite, or precipitated BaSO4. The precipitated salt in combination with equimolar amount of co-precipitated zinc sulfide formerly was used as a white protective coating pigment, known as lithophone. Similarly, in combination with sodium sulfide, it is used to produce fine pigment particles of uniform size, known as blanc fixe. Natural barite, however, has greater commercial application than the precipitated salt. It is used as drilling mud in oil drilling to lubricate and cool the drilling bit, and to plaster the walls of the drill hole to prevent caving. It is used as a filler in automotive paints, plastics and rubber products. It also is used in polyurethane foam floor mats; white sidewall rubber tires; and as a flux and additive to glass to increase the refractive index.
Other chemical applications of barium sulfate are as the opaque ingredient in a barium meal for x-ray diagnosis; as a pigment for photographic paper; and to prepare many barium salts.


Barium sulfide is prepared by heating barite with coal or petroleum coke in a rotary kiln at 1,000°C to 1,250°C in an oxygen-free atmosphere:
BaSO4+ 4C——>BaS + 4CO
The product, black ash, is a gray or black powder containing carbonaceous impurities and unreacted barite. Barium sulfide is separated from impurities by extraction with hot water and filtration. It is obtained as an aqueous solution of 15 to 30% strength. The commercial product is 80% to 90% BaS.
Barium sulfide may also be made by high temperature reduction of barium sulfate with methane.

Chemical Properties



barium sulphate: An insolublewhite solid, BaSO4, that occurs naturallyas the mineral barytes (orheavy spar) and can be prepared as aprecipitate by adding sulphuric acidto barium chloride solution; r.d. 4.50;m.p. 1580°C. The rhombic formchanges to a monoclinic form at1149°C. It is used as a raw materialfor making other barium salts, as apigment extender in surface coatingmaterials (called blanc fixe), andin the glass and rubber industries.Barium compounds are opaque toX-rays, and a suspension of the sulphatein water is used in medicine toprovide a contrast medium for X-raysof the stomach and intestine. Althoughbarium compounds are extremelypoisonous, the sulphate issafe to use because it is very insoluble.

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