Fatty acid salt type

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Structure Chemical Name CAS MF
Sodium stearate Sodium stearate 822-16-2 C18H35NaO2
Magnesium stearate Magnesium stearate 557-04-0 C36H70MgO4
Potassium oleate Potassium oleate 143-18-0 C18H33KO2
Hydroxyaluminum distearate Hydroxyaluminum distearate 300-92-5 C36H71AlO5
Manganous stearate Manganous stearate C36H70MnO4
Dibasic Lead Stearate Dibasic Lead Stearate 56189-09-4 C36H70O6Pb2
sulfate AEC sulfate AEC
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