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$0.00 / 1KG

  • 1KG
Min. Order: 1g
Purity: 99%
Cas No.: 1134-47-0
Supply Ability: 500KG
  • Product Name: Baclofen
  • CAS No.:1134-47-0
  • EC-No.:214-486-9
  • Min. Order:1g
  • Purity:99%
  • Supply Ability:500KG
  • Release date:2021/12/23
Product Advantage

Product Name: Baclofen

CAS: 1134-47-0

MF: C10H12ClNO2

MW: 213.66

EINECS: 214-486-9

Melting point 208-210°C

Boiling point 364.3±32.0 °C(Predicted)

density 1.2069 (rough estimate)

refractive index 1.5500 (estimate)

storage temp. 2-8°C

solubility 1 M HCl: 50 mg/mL

pka pKa 3.87±0.1(H2O) (Uncertain)

form solid

color white to very faintly yellow

Chemical Properties Off-White Solid

Uses Specific GABA-B receptor agonist. Muscle relaxant (skeletal)

Clinical Use Baclofen is an agent of choice for treating spinal spasticity and spasticity associated with multiple sclerosis. It is not useful for treating spasticity of supraspinal origin. Doses should be increased gradually to a maximum of 100 to 150 mg per day, divided into four doses.

  • Business model:Manufacturer
  • CB index: 58
  • Telephone: 027-81302090
  • Fax: 027-81302088
  • Mobile: 15327141851
  • Address: Jiangxia District

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