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US $100.00 / 25KG

Min. Order: 25KG
Purity: 98%
Cas No.: 1124-11-4
Supply Ability: 1000KG
  • 25KG


Product Name: Tetramethylpyrazine
CAS No.: 1124-11-4
EC-No.: 214-391-2
Min. Order: 25KG
Purity: 98%
Supply Ability: 1000KG
Release date: 2019/05/13
Product Advantage


Product Name: Tetramethylpyrazine
Synonyms: BS Factor;Ligustrazine;Pyrazine,tetramethyl-;Tetramethylpyrazin;tetramethyl-pyrazin;2,3,5,6-TETRAMETHYLPYRAZINE;2,3,5,6-TETRAMETHYLPYRAZINES;2,3,5,6-TETRAMETHYL-1,4-PYRAZINE
CAS: 1124-11-4
MF: C8H12N2
MW: 136.19
EINECS: 214-391-2
Product Categories: Pyrazine;Heterocyclic Compounds;Pyrazines;Mono- & Polyalkylpyrazines;pyrazine Flavor;Alphabetical Listings;Flavors and Fragrances;Q-Z;Certified Natural ProductsFlavors and Fragrances;Building Blocks;Heterocyclic Building Blocks;Building Blocks;Chemical Synthesis;Heterocyclic Building Blocks;chemical reagent;pharmaceutical intermediate;phytochemical;reference standards from Chinese medicinal herbs (TCM).;standardized herbal extract;Inhibitors
Mol File: 1124-11-4.mol
Tetramethylpyrazine Structure
Tetramethylpyrazine Chemical Properties
Melting point  77-80 °C(lit.)
Boiling point  190 °C(lit.)
density  1.08
FEMA  3237
Fp  128-130°C/200mm
storage temp.  Store below +30°C.
solubility  4g/l
Water Solubility  Soluble in water (4 g/L at 20°C).
BRN  113100
Stability: Stable. Incompatible with strong acids, strong oxidizing agents.
CAS DataBase Reference 1124-11-4(CAS DataBase Reference)
NIST Chemistry Reference Pyrazine, tetramethyl-(1124-11-4)
EPA Substance Registry System Pyrazine, tetramethyl-(1124-11-4)
Safety Information
Hazard Codes  Xn,Xi
Risk Statements  22-37/38-41-36/37/38
Safety Statements  26-39-24/25-37/39-36
WGK Germany  3
RTECS  UQ3905000
HS Code  29339990
MSDS Information
Provider Language
Tetramethylpyrazine English
ACROS English
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Tetramethylpyrazine Usage And Synthesis
Description Tetramethylpyrazine (TMP) is a kind of alkaloids identified in Ligusticum wallichii FRANCH. It has various kinds of medical applications. It has long been used in China for the treatment of cardiovascular problems. It also has antiinflammatory and analgesic effect. It can be used for the treatment of diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Through effectively penetrating across the blood-brain barrier, it can exert its neuroprotection function which is useful for the treatment of ischemic brain injury. Moreover, it can eliminate superoxide anion and decreases nitric oxide production in human polymorphonuclear leukocytes.
Chemical Characteristic White crystal or powder. With aroma of beef and heated lard and fermented soybean flavor. It smells chocolate flavor when diluted to 20mg/kg. Boiling point is 190℃. Melting point is between 84 and 86℃. Soluble in ethanol, most non-volatile oils and propylene glycol, slightly soluble in water.
Natural products exist in guava, roast beef, cocoa, coffee, shrimp and so on.
  • Permissible edible flavors, mainly used to prepare meat, cocoa, peanut, nut, coffee, chocolate flavor and so on;
  • For medicine production;
  • Used as flavoring agents, sweeteners for alcoholic beverages, flavor and enriching supplement for cigarettes.
  • Butanedione monoxime generated by butanone and ethyl nitrite condensation is reduced and cyclized to produce methylpyrazine. The cyclization reaction product is subjected to steam distillation and the distillate is cooled,crystallized and filtered to generate crude tetramethylpyrazine which is refined with water recrystallization and activated carbon to decolor. Ethanol solution with 15% to 20% hydrogen chloride can be added into acetone to prepare hydrochloride salt.
  • Condensed by 2,3-butanedione and 2,3-butanediamine.
References TH Tsai, CC Liang. International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 216. 1-2 (2001)
WU, Zhi-youg, et al. Chinese Journal of Experimental Traditional Medical Formulae 14 (2012): 085.
Ozaki, Yukihiro. Chemical and pharmaceutical bulletin 40.4 (1992): 954-956.
Kao, Tsung-Kuei, et al. Neurochemistry international 48.3 (2006): 166-176.
Zhang, Zhaohui, et al. Life sciences 72.22 (2003): 2465-2472.
Chemical Properties white crystals or powder
Uses Usually used in research and treatment of multiple disorders.
Definition ChEBI: A member of the class of pyrazines that is pyrazine in which all four hydrogens have been replaced by methyl groups. An alkaloid extracted from Chuanxiong (Ligusticum wallichii).
Tetramethylpyrazine Preparation Products And Raw materials
Raw materials Sodium nitrite-->2,3-Butanedione-->Acetylacetone-->1,4-DIAMINOBUTANE-->Ethyl nitrite-->2-Methylpyrazine
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