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      Shanxi NAIPU Import &?export Co.,ltd. dedicated to the development, production and marketing of chemicals which is specialized in Cosmetic Raw Materials (BTMS, Candelilla wax) ,?Water Treatment Chemicals ,?such as Isocyanuric acid series (SDIC,,ICA ), Daily Chemicals, Detergent &?Disinfectant Raw Materials... With business concept of Honest &?Creditable business, Harmonious development! NAIPU has been insisting on the scientific management method and positive sales measures, and has developed the vigorous development pattern. To adapt the rapid development, Develop established R?& D?Dept, Purchase Dept. and Sales Dept. composed of several specialists to offer pre-sales, after-sales service for different customers and products. With powerful product design, development and material purchase, good experience at production and product distribution, NAIPU will become stronger and stronger along with the market. Clients' satisfaction is our principle. Good reputation is our origin! Let us reach a?brilliant new achievement hand-in-hand.
Product Name MF CAS Details
Lenvatinib C21H19ClN4O4 417716-92-8 Details
Orlistat C29H53NO5 96829-58-2 Details
Verdenafil C23H33ClN6O4S 224785-91-5 Details
4-Aminoacetophenone C8H9NO 99-92-3 Details
Flumethasone C22H28F2O5 2135-17-3 Details
Trisodium hexafluoroaluminate AlF6Na3 13775-53-6 Details
Dimethylamine hydrochloride C2H8ClN 506-59-2 Details
4-Methylcyclohexanecarboxylic acid C8H14O2 4331-54-8 Details
Tropinone C8H13NO 532-24-1 Details
7-Troc-paclitaxel C50H52Cl3NO16 114915-17-2 Details
Tropine C8H15NO 120-29-6 Details
Pramipexole C10H17N3S 104632-26-0 Details
Tenofovir Alafenamide Fumarate C25H33N6O9P 1392275-56-7 Details
MAF high quality Cas namber:6585-53-1 C3H9As3Fe2O9 6585-53-1 Details
4-Amino-3-chlorophenol hydrochloride C6H7Cl2NO 52671-64-4 Details
AZD-9291 (Mesylate) C28H33N7O2.CH4O3S 1421373-66-1 Details
7-Benzyloxy-4-chloro-6-methoxy-quinoline C17H14ClNO2 286371-49-1 Details
4-fluoro-2-Methoxy-5-nitroaniline C7H7FN2O3 1075705-01-9 Details
N-benzyloxycarbonyl-3-fluoro-4-morpholinoaniline C18H19FN2O3 168828-81-7 Details
2-fluoro-5-((4-oxo-3,4-dihydrophthalazin-1-yl)Methyl)benzoic acid(763114-26-7) C16H11FN2O3 763114-26-7 Details
4-CHLORO-6,7-DIMETHOXYQUINOLINE(35654-56-9) C11H10ClNO2 35654-56-9 Details
(3S)-3-[4-[(5-bromo-2-chlorophenyl)methyl]phenoxy]oxolane 915095-89-5 C17H16BrClO2 915095-89-5 Details
1-Methyl-2-(2-aminoethyl)pyrrolidine C7H16N2 51387-90-7 Details
L-Prolinamide C5H10N2O 7531-52-4 Details
Pomalidomide high quality 19171-19-8 C13H11N3O4 19171-19-8 Details
2,2-Diethoxy-N,N-dimethylethylamine(3616-56-6) C8H19NO2 3616-56-6 Details
DIETHYLPHOSPHONOACETIC ACID(3095-95-2) C6H13O5P 3095-95-2 Details
6-Ethylchenodeoxycholic acid C26H44O4 459789-99-2 Details
Resorcinol powder C14H11N.ClH 219911-35-0 Details
Vardenafil C23H32N6O4S 224785-90-4 Details
DIETHYL(3-PYRIDYL)BORANE(cas number:89878-14-8) C9H14BN 89878-14-8 Details
Trimecaine Monohydrochloride C15H25ClN2O 1027-14-1 Details
Prilocaine Cas number:(721-50-6) C13H20N2O 721-50-6 Details
Mepivacaine(Cas number22801-44-1) C15H22N2O 22801-44-1 Details
Tetracaine C15H24N2O2 94-24-6 Details
Procaine hydrochloride(Casnumber:51-05-8) C13H21ClN2O2 51-05-8 Details
Pramoxine hydrochloride C17H28ClNO3 637-58-1 Details
Ropivacaine mesylate C18H30N2O4S 854056-07-8 Details
Ropivacaine hydrochloride C17H26N2O.ClH.H2O 132112-35-7 Details
Dimethocaine cas number:97-15-5 97-15-5 Details
Sildenafil citrate C28H38N6O11S 171599-83-0 Details
procaine C13H20N2O2 59-46-1 Details
Benzocaine hydrochloride(Cas number23239-88-5) C9H11NO2.ClH 23239-88-5 Details
Dibucaine hydrochloride C20H30ClN3O2 61-12-1 Details
Piracetam Cas number:7491-74-9 C6H10N2O2 7491-74-9 Details
Lidocaine C14H22N2O 137-58-6 Details
Bupivacaine C18H28N2O 2180-92-9 Details
Bupivacaine hydrochloride C18H28N2O.ClH 14252-80-3 Details
Linocaine hydrochloride C14H25ClN2O2 6108-05-0 Details
Tadalafil C22H19N3O4 171596-29-5 Details
Atracurium besylate C65H82N2O18S2 64228-81-5 Details
2-Hydroxyethylhydrazine/CAS: 109-84-2 C2H8N2O 109-84-2 Details
2,3,5-Trimethylphenol(697-82-5) C9H12O 697-82-5 Details
Dehydronandrolon(2590-41-2) C20H26O3 2590-41-2 Details
5-Hydroxyisophthalic acid high quality(618-83-7) C8H6O5 618-83-7 Details
Ethyl 2-hydroxybenzoate C9H10O3 118-61-6 Details
Glycopyrrolate(596-51-0) C19H28BrNO3- 596-51-0 Details
Carboplatin(41575-94-4) C6H12N2O4Pt 41575-94-4 Details
Trifluorothymine C5H3F3N2O2 54-20-6 Details
N,N-Dimethylformamide C3H7NO 68-12-2 Details
Dexamethasone-17-acetate C24H31FO6 1177-87-3 Details
Urapidil hydrochloride C20H30ClN5O3 64887-14-5 Details
Dapagliflozin C21H25ClO6 461432-26-8 Details
Depofemin C26H36O3 313-06-4 Details
Drospirenone C24H30O3 67392-87-4 Details
Methasterone C21H34O2 3381-88-2 Details
4 Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone C20H27ClO2 2446-23-3 Details
Hydrocortisone acetate C23H32O6 50-03-3 Details
Oxymetholone C21H32O3 434-07-1 Details
Daunorubicin hydrochloride C27H30ClNO10 23541-50-6 Details
Misoprostol C22H38O5 59122-46-2 Details
Glufosinate-ammonium C5H18N3O4P 77182-82-2 Details
Amitraz C19H23N3 33089-61-1 Details
2-bromo-4-methylpropiophenone C10H11BrO 1451-82-7 Details
2-bromo-1-phenylpentan-1-one C11H13BrO 49851-31-2 Details
Lapatinib C29H26ClFN4O4S 231277-92-2 Details
Capecitabine C15H22FN3O6 154361-50-9 Details
Amygdalin C20H27NO11 29883-15-6 Details
Cisplatin Cl2H6N2Pt 15663-27-1 Details
Paclitaxel C47H51NO14 33069-62-4 Details
Formestane C19H26O3 566-48-3 Details
Puerarin C21H20O9 3681-99-0 Details
Galangin C15H10O5 548-83-4 Details
Hydrocortisone C21H30O5 50-23-7 Details
Oxaliplatin C8H12N2O4Pt 61825-94-3 Details
Hydrochlorothiazide C7H8ClN3O4S2 58-93-5 Details
4-Amino-3,5-dichloroacetophenone C8H7Cl2NO 37148-48-4 Details
3,4-Dichlorobenzoic acid C7H4Cl2O2 51-44-5 Details
2-bromo-4-chloropropiophenone C9H8BrClO 877-37-2 Details
4-Amino-3,5-Dichloro-A-Bromo-Acetophenone C8H6BrCl2NO 37148-47-3 Details
Oxandrolone C19H30O3 53-39-4 Details
4-Ethenylphenol acetate C10H10O2 2628-16-2 Details
Atropic acid C9H8O2 492-38-6 Details
N,N-Diethyl-p-phenylenediamine sulfate C10H18N2O4S 6283-63-2 Details
4-Nitrotoluene C7H7NO2 99-99-0 Details
3,5-Dinitrobenzoic acid CAS: 99-34-3 C7H4N2O6 99-34-3 Details
Mancozeb C4H8MnN2S4Zn 8018-01-7 Details
Sodium methanolate CH3NaO 124-41-4 Details
Bimatoprost C25H37NO4 155206-00-1 Details
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