NADP, Disodium Salt: NADP vs NADPH

Apr 16,2024

NADP, Disodium Salt

NADP, Disodium Salt is the sodium salt form of NADP. NADP, Disodium Salt is a white to pale yellow amorphous powder. NADP, Disodium Salt is used in biochemical studies, mostly for quantitative analysis of glucose in glycogen and detection of hexokinase, etc.

NADP, Disodium Salt


NADP is a nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, a redox cofactor.NADP plays an important role in metabolism, alternating between oxidised (NADP) and reduced (NADPH) forms. NADP is the oxidised form. And NADPH is the reduced form of NADP, which is one of the most important electron donors for all cellular energy sources. NADPH acts as an electron donor and participates in a variety of biochemical reactions in organisms, including DNA formation, lipid synthesis, and antioxidant defence mechanisms. The oxidised form of NADP+ is usually much less abundant in cells because it is immediately reduced to NADPH.  

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate (NADP+/NADPH) redox couplers are substrates or cofactors for many enzymes that maintain cellular redox homeostasis and regulate biosynthesis, and an imbalance in the NADP+/NADPH ratio can lead to oxidative or reducing stress, which in turn can lead to a number of metabolism-related diseases. Therefore, maintaining the NADP+/NADPH ratio in the body is essential for the treatment and prevention of diseases.


[1] YUANYUAN SUN  Qingxun H  Dan Wu. NADP+/NADPH in Metabolism and its Relation to Cardiovascular Pathologies.[J]. Current medicinal chemistry, 2024. DOI:10.2174/0109298673275187231121054541.  

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