What is 1-Methylcyclopentyl methacrylate used for?

May 22,2024

1-Methylcyclopentyl methacrylate (MCPMA) is an organic solvent used primarily in photolithography materials, cross-linked rubbers, resins and chemical reagents. It has the following applications:

1-Methylcyclopentyl methacrylate

(1) Production of Dioxetanes: It is used in the production of dioxetanes, which are compounds that can be used as sources of singlet oxygen.

(2) Boiling Point and Volatility: MCPMA has a high boiling point and low volatility, making it suitable for use as a solvent in various organic reactions.

(3) Polymerization: It can be polymerized to form polymers with acid moieties and ethylene. These polymers are utilized in lithography devices, which are used in the manufacturing of semiconductors and other microelectronic components.

(4) Ligand for Metal Ions: When mixed with a base catalyst, MCPMA can act as a ligand for metal ions such as copper or silver. This property can be useful in various chemical processes and applications.

(5) Reaction Rate: The reaction rate of MCPMA increases when it is exposed to radiation or light, which can be advantageous in certain chemical reactions.

(6) Solvent Compatibility: Isopropyl alcohol can be used as a solvent for 1-Methylcyclopentyl methacrylate, indicating that it is compatible with other solvents commonly used in organic chemistry.

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