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CAS No.8014-95-7
Molecular Formula:H2O7S2
Formula Weight:178.14
MOL File:8014-95-7.mol
Melting point : 2 °C
Boiling point : ~290 °C(lit.)
density : 1.925 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
vapor density : <0.3 (25 °C, vs air)
vapor pressure : 1 mm Hg ( 146 °C)
solubility : H2O: soluble
Water Solubility : Miscible with water.
Sensitive : Hygroscopic
Merck : 14,8974
Stability:: Stable. Incompatible with organic materials, powdered metals, bases, halides. Reacts violently with water. Very hygroscopic.
CAS DataBase Reference: 8014-95-7(CAS DataBase Reference)
Hazard Codes : C
Risk Statements : 36/38-37-35-14-34
Safety Statements : 26-30-45-36/37/39
RIDADR : UN 3264 8/PG 3
WGK Germany : 1
RTECS : WS5600000
F : 3
TSCA : Yes
HazardClass : 8
PackingGroup : II

SULFURIC ACID Chemical Properties,Usage,Production

Chemical Properties
viscous liquid
General Description
Thick fuming yellow liquid. Density 16.5 lb / gal. Very toxic by inhalation. Corrosive to metals and tissue, quickly causing severe burns. Used to make chemicals, dyes, explosives and in petroleum refining.
Air & Water Reactions
Fumes in air. Soluble in water; dissolution generates dangerous amounts of heat that can cause localized boiling and spattering of the acidic mixture and generate heavy fumes. During sulfonation of mononitrobenzene with fuming sulfuric acid, a leak from an internal cooling coil permitted water to enter the reaction tank. A violent eruption occurred due to the heat of solution [MCA Case History 944(1963)].
Reactivity Profile
SULFURIC ACID reacts as a strong acid, as an oxidizing agent and as a dehydrating agent. Chars wood, sugar and many other organic materials on contact. The heat from these reactions may ignite the wood, sugar or organic matter. May react explosively with acetic acid, acetic anhydride, acetonitrile, acrolein, acrylic acid, acrylonitrile, allyl alcohol, allyl chloride, ammonium hydroxide, aniline, cresol, butyraldehyde, cumene, ethyl acetate, ethylene diamine, ethylene glycol, glyoxal, isoprene, isopropyl alcohol, methyl ethyl ketone, propylene oxide, pyridine, styrene, vinyl acetate; strong bases (sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide) or mineral acids (nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid) [Lewis, 3rd ed., 1993, p. 1195]. Mixing in equal molar portions with any of the following substances in a closed container caused the temperature and pressure to increase: 2-aminoethanol, ammonium hydroxide (28%), chlorosulfonic acid, ethylenediamine, ethyleneimine, ethylene cyanohydrin, hydrochloric acid (36%), hydrofluoric acid (48.7%), isopropyl alcohol, nitric acid (70%), 2-nitropropane, propiolactone, propylene oxide, pyridine, styrene monomer, sodium hydroxide, sulfolane, vinyl acetate, vinylidene chloride [NFPA 1991]. Extremely hazardous in contact with carbides, bromates, chlorates, fulminates, picrates, and powdered metals. May induce violent polymerization in polymerizable organic compounds such as allyl chloride. Reacts exothermically with sodium hypochlorite to produce chlorine gas.
Health Hazard
Acid mist is irritating to eyes, nose and throat. Liquid causes severe burns of skin and eyes.
Fire Hazard
Special Hazards of Combustion Products: Toxic and irritating vapors are generated.
SULFURIC ACID Preparation Products And Raw materials
Raw materials
Sulfur Sulphur
Preparation Products
trysin-chymotrypsin silica gel fine-pored lump 2,6-Dinitroaniline 8-Hydroxyquinoline-5-sulfonic acid 2',7'-dibromo-3',6'-dihydroxyspiro[isobenzofuran-1(3H),9'-[9H]xanthene]-3-one ethyl hydrogen sulphate 3-Bromo-2,6-dimethylpyridine Cosmetic white oil VINYL STEARATE FLAVIANIC ACID 4-Chlorobenzenesulfonic acid Lanolin 2-CHLORO-PYRIMIDINE-5-SULFONYL CHLORIDE 3-Pyridinesulfonic acid 3-Amino-4,6-dimethylpyridine Chymotrypsin Sodium 2-amino-1,4-benzenedisulfonate 4-Amino-1,3-benzenedisulfonic acid 2-Hydroxy-5-nitronicotinic acid 2-Anthraquinonesulfonic acid 4,4'-DDT Acid Blue 93 1,8-DINITROANTHRAQUINONE N-(4-chlorophenyl)-2-hydroxy-9H-carbazole-3-carboxamide starting type lead-acid storage battery 2-NAPHTHYLAMINE-4,6,8-TRISULFONIC ACID Coumalic acid 2-Amino-3-bromo-5-nitropyridine 2-Naphthol-6,8-disulfonic acid Atropine sulfate monohydrate Chiniofon 2,5-DICHLORO-3,4-DINITROTHIOPHENE 3-Iodobenzoic acid 3,5-Dihydroxybenzoic acid PYRIDINE-3-SULFONYL CHLORIDE 5-Isoquinolinesulfonic acid 4-Diazo-3,4-dihydro-7-nitro-3-oxo-1-naphthalenesulfonic acid Mordant Black 9 5-Hydroxyisoquinoline 2-(4-Aminophenyl)-6-methyl-1,3-benzothiazole-7-sulfonic acid
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