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Paraquat dichloride

Paraquat dichloride Suppliers list
Company Name: Henan Tianfu Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Tel: 0371-55170693
Products Intro: CAS:1910-42-5
Purity:99% Package:500G;1KG;5KG;25KG
Company Name: Mainchem Co., Ltd.
Tel: +86-0592-6210733
Products Intro: Product Name:Paraquat dichloride
Company Name: Hangzhou FandaChem Co.,Ltd.
Tel: 0086 158 5814 5714 (Mobile; WhatsApp; Telegram)
Products Intro: Product Name:Paraquat ion;Paraquat;20%
Purity:20%/27.6% Package:200 liters Remarks:Paraquat 20% =Paraquat dichloride 27.6%
Company Name: J & K SCIENTIFIC LTD.  
Tel:400-666-7788 +86-10-82848833;
Products Intro:Product Name:Methyl viologen hydrate
Purity:98% Package:1G,250MG,5G
Company Name: Meryer (Shanghai) Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.  
Tel:+86-(0)21-61259100(Shanghai) +86-(0)755-86170099(ShenZhen) +86-(0)10-62670440(Beijing)
Products Intro:Product Name:1,1'-DiMethyl-4,4'-bipyridiniuM Dichloride Hydrate
Purity:>98.0%(LC)(T) Package:1g;10g Remarks:D0713
Paraquat dichloride Basic information
Product Name:Paraquat dichloride
Product Categories:HERBICIDE;Functional Materials;Photochromic Compounds;Pyridinium Compounds;Viologens (Photochromic, Related Compounds);PA - PENPesticides&Metabolites;500 Series Drinking Water Methods;Alpha sort;EPA;Herbicides;Method 549Pesticides&Metabolites;N-PAlphabetic;P;Quaternary amonium salts
Mol File:1910-42-5.mol
Paraquat dichloride Structure
Paraquat dichloride Chemical Properties
Melting point >300 °C(lit.)
density 1.25
storage temp. 0-6°C
form Crystals or Crystalline Powder
color Beige or pink to brown
Water Solubility soluble
Merck 7031
Stability:Stable. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents.
CAS DataBase Reference1910-42-5(CAS DataBase Reference)
EPA Substance Registry System4,4'-Bipyridinium, 1,1'-dimethyl-, dichloride(1910-42-5)
Safety Information
Hazard Codes T+,N
Risk Statements 24/25-26-36/37/38-48/25-50/53
Safety Statements 22-28-36/37/39-45-60-61-28A
RIDADR UN 2811 6.1/PG 1
WGK Germany 3
RTECS DW2275000
HazardClass 6.1(a)
PackingGroup II
HS Code 29333990
MSDS Information
Paraquat dichloride Usage And Synthesis
Chemical Propertiesoff-white powder
General DescriptionColorless to yellow crystalline solid. Used as a contact herbicide and desiccant.
Air & Water ReactionsWater soluble.
Reactivity ProfileParaquat dichloride is stable in acidic media, but unstable in alkaline media. Paraquat dichloride is photochemically decomposed by UV irradiation in aqueous solutions and is rapidly inactivated by soil. The neat chemical may be sensitive to light. Paraquat dichloride is corrosive to metal and Paraquat dichloride can react with strong acids, bases, and oxidizing agents. Paraquat dichloride is hydrolyzed by alkali compounds and Paraquat dichloride is inactivated by inert clays and anionic surfactants.
Health HazardCan cause death due to severe injury to the lungs. The lowest lethal oral dose reported in humans is 43 mg/kg.
Fire HazardAvoid strong oxidizers.
Paraquat dichloride Preparation Products And Raw materials
Raw materialsAzabenzene
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