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Dimethyl fumarate

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Products Intro: Product Name:Dimethyl fumarate
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Products Intro:CAS:624-49-7
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Products Intro:Product Name:DiMethyl FuMarate
Purity:>98.0%(GC) Package:25g;500g Remarks:F0069
Dimethyl fumarate Basic information
Fungicides Chemical Properties Uses Production method
Product Name:Dimethyl fumarate
Synonyms:trans-butenedioicacid,dimethylester;trans-butenedioicaciddimethylester;FUMARIC ACID DIMETHYL ESTER;(E)-2-Butenedioic acid dimethyl ester;DIMETHYL FUMARATE;BIS-METHYL ESTER;TIMTEC-BB SBB008222;Dimethylfumarate,97%
Product Categories:Acids & Esters;C6 to C7;Carbonyl Compounds;Esters;Miscellaneous Reagents;mildew preventive
Mol File:624-49-7.mol
Dimethyl fumarate Structure
Dimethyl fumarate Chemical Properties
Melting point 102-106 °C(lit.)
Boiling point 192-193 °C(lit.)
density 1,37 g/cm3
Fp 192-193°C
storage temp. Store at RT.
solubility 1.6g/l
form Liquid
color Clear colorless to faintly yellow
PH4.0-6.0 (10g/l, H2O, 20℃)suspension
Water Solubility Soluble in water (1.6 mg/ml at 20°C), methanol (30-36 mg/ml), ethanol (10 mg/ml at 25°C), DMSO (29 mg/ml at 25°C), and DMF (~12 mg/ml).
Merck 14,4287
BRN 774590
Stability:Stable. Incompatible with acids, bases, oxidizing agents, reducing agents.
CAS DataBase Reference624-49-7(CAS DataBase Reference)
NIST Chemistry Reference2-Butenedioic acid (E)-, dimethyl ester(624-49-7)
EPA Substance Registry System2-Butenedioic acid (2E)-, dimethyl ester(624-49-7)
Safety Information
Hazard Codes Xn
Risk Statements 21-38-41-43-36/37/38-36/38
Safety Statements 26-36/37/39-36/37
WGK Germany 1
RTECS EM6125000
HS Code 29171990
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Dimethyl fumarate Usage And Synthesis
FungicidesDimethyl fumarate is a new type of air fungicides . At room temperature ,it is white crystalline powder, melting point is 102~104 ℃, specific gravity of 1.37, slightly soluble in water, soluble in ethyl acetate, chloroform and alcohol, sublime, low toxicity, rat oral 50 = 2628mg/kg, maximum no effect dose is 50mg/kg, with a broad spectrum, high efficiency, low toxicity, low cost, etc.In addition to good bacteriostatic and sterilization effects , it also has insecticidal effect. It has both contact sterilization and fumigation sterilization effects. The product uses are highly secure,there is no residue after metabolism in humans and animals. Several examples demonstrate, dimethyl fumarate can be contacted through the skin, causing serious reactions or allergies and other skin burning. In addition, the product is also irritating,it should be avoid ed contacting with eyes.
Applied range:
Food mildew proof. DMF is used for bread, moon cake, cake and other food mildew proof, it has good preservation effect. The amount is only 0.05%.
Grain storage. An appropriate amount of DMF is added directly to rice, flour, and the preservation time is more than 200 days,it can also kill Tribolium castaneum Herbst,sitophilus zeamais motschulsky , lesser grain borer,Flat Grain Beetle, the grain , to ensure the quality of food storage.
Feed mildew proof. The vanqulishingmold whose formulation is based on DMF is an efficient feed fungicide .
Preservation of fruits, it has a outstanding effect especially on citrus.
Cocoon mildew proof.
Clothes moth and mildew proof.
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Chemical PropertiesCrystalline powder. Melting point 103-104 ℃, the boiling point of 193 ℃. The relative density of 1.37. It is soluble in ethyl acetate, chloroform, acetone and alcohols, ether-soluble and insoluble in water. Rats by oral LD502.628g/kg.
UsesIt is widely used in food, grain ,feed, tobacco, leather and clothing and other for anti-corrosion anti-mildew and preservation.
It has an effect which can slowly and effectively stifle mildew in a long time.
Production methodProduction method 1.
Esterification of fumaric acid. Directly use fumaric acid as raw materials, in the presence of catalysts ,it reacts with methanol and synthesize DMF in one step . Catalysts are boron trifluoride, ferric chloride hexahydrate (FeCl3 · 6H2O), sulfuric acid or phosphoric acid, the yield rate is up to 92%. You can also use cationic resin as the catalyst, apply catalytic distillation technology, the esterification reaction lasts 5h at 80-85 ℃ .
Production method 2.
Isomerization of maleic acid esterification. Maleic acid and methanol in the presence of catalysts, after isomerization, esterification ,DMF is produced, catalysts are HCl-H2SO4 and phosphotungstic acid. When using HCl-H2SO4 as a catalyst , the actual reaction is in two steps, the HCl catalytic isomerization reaction and H2SO4 catalyzed esterification . Maleic acid with concentrated hydrochloric acid, water, flow back together for 30min, obtain 91% of fumaric acid; fumaric acid with methanol, concentrated sulfuric acid reflux for 12h, obtain 91.9% of the product. Phosphotungstic acid is the composite catalyst, it has catalytic isomerization and esterification effects at the same time. Maleic acid with methanol, in the presence of phosphotungstic acid ,reflux for 4h, the product is 89.4%.
Production method 3.
Furfural oxidation esterification. Use furfural as material,the synthesis is in two steps. First, at uronic V2O5 catalytic, after KClO3 oxidation , fumaric acid is produced, the reaction temperature is 95 ℃-105 ℃, reaction time is 7H , the yield rate is 81.5%; in the presence of concentrated sulfuric acid,fumaric acid is heated and refluxed with methanol to generate DMF, the reaction time is 10h. The yield rate is 86.0%.
Production method 4.
Hydrolysis of maleic anhydride heterogeneous esterification. Maleic anhydride is used as a raw material,it reacts with methanol to produce DMF in the presence of catalysts. The catalysts are concentrated hydrochloric acid, hydrochloric acid-phosphoric acid, ferric chloride hexahydrate, methyl acid and thiourea. Hydrochloric acid-phosphoric acid catalyst is a composite catalyst, hydrolysis, esterification occur first, obtain dimethyl maleate, which then in the presence of light and bromine after isomerization ,obtain the product; use thiourea as catalyst, maleic anhydride occurs first hydrolysis isomerization reaction to obtain fumaric acid , which in the presence of sulfuric acid, generate the products after esterification .
Example: add 9.8g (0.1mol) of maleic anhydride, 8.1mL (0.2mol) methanol, 0.5mL concentrated sulfuric acid in 100mL flask, then heat and reflux for 1.5h. Then drop 12Ml (0.3mol) excess methanol, 0.5h After the dropping, continue refluxing for 2h. After completion of the reaction the methanol is evaporated, ethanol is added 30mL coolish, heat to dissolve the solid, cool to precipitate crystals. Two products are recrystallized once with ethanol and water respectively to give the product 12.3g, a yield rate of 86.2% Melting point 103-104 ℃.
Chemical Propertiesfine white crystalline powder
Usestrans-1,2-Ethylenedicarboxylic Acid is used in cycloaddition reactions involving ylides, benzenes and amino acids.
DefinitionChEBI: An enoate ester resulting from the formal condensation of both carboxy groups of fumaric acid with methanol. Used for treatment of adults with relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis.
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