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1-Aminonaphthalene-6-sulfonic acid

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1-Aminonaphthalene-6-sulfonic acid Basic information
Product Name:1-Aminonaphthalene-6-sulfonic acid
Synonyms:1-Naphthalene -6-sulfonic acid;1-naphthylamine-6-sulfonic;2-Naphthalenesulfonic acid, 5-amino-;2-Naphthalenesulfonicacid,5-amino-;5-amino-2-naphthalenesulfonicaci;5-Naphthylamine-2-sulfonic acid;5-naphthylamine-2-sulfonicacid;cleve’sbeta-acid
Product Categories:Intermediates of Dyes and Pigments;Organics;Organic Building Blocks;Sulfonic/Sulfinic Acids;Sulfur Compounds;Amines;Aromatics;Fluorescent Labels & Indicators
Mol File:119-79-9.mol
1-Aminonaphthalene-6-sulfonic acid Structure
1-Aminonaphthalene-6-sulfonic acid Chemical Properties
Melting point >300°C
storage temp. Refrigerator
Merck 14,2350
BRN 1819887
CAS DataBase Reference119-79-9(CAS DataBase Reference)
NIST Chemistry Reference1-Naphthylamine-6-sulfonic acid(119-79-9)
EPA Substance Registry System2-Naphthalenesulfonic acid, 5-amino-(119-79-9)
Safety Information
Risk Statements 36/37/38
Safety Statements 26-36/37/39
WGK Germany 1
RTECS QK1285000
HazardClass 8
PackingGroup III
MSDS Information
SigmaAldrich English
ALFA English
1-Aminonaphthalene-6-sulfonic acid Usage And Synthesis
Chemical PropertiesPurple Solid
UsageIntermediate of dyestuff
UsageFluorescent reagent.
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